Moon Magick: Working with the Waning Gibbous

The phase directly following the Full Moon is known as the Waning Gibbous. This is the first phase where the Moon is visibly becoming smaller, as opposed to the waxing phases where the Moon visibly grows larger in size until it becomes full. Similar to the other phases in the Moon’s cycle, the Waning Gibbous phase lasts about three days. During this phase, the Moon is about three-quarters of the size it appears to be when it is full, similar to the Waxing Gibbous. However, unlike the Waxing Gibbous, with the Waning Gibbous, it is the right side of the Moon that appears to be missing a small sliver. 

The waning phases in their entirety involve the Moon becoming smaller and smaller until the Moon is completely dark, as in it is no longer visible to the human eye. As such, this makes it the ideal time to cast out what is no longer needed in one’s life. As the Moon visually becomes smaller and smaller, areas of focus for rituals and spellwork should include the removal of items, emotions, and perhaps even people that are not a positive influence in your life. 

In addition to the removal of negative things or aspects from your life, the time during the Waning Gibbous is also ideal for conducting minor banishment spells, introspection, interception spells, and utilizing the energy of the current phase to assist with obtaining closure for a particular situation.   

Let us briefly discuss introspection. What is it? Introspection deals with self-examination, observation, and analysis.  The nature of introspective work is of great importance, as it provides one with a true evaluation of oneself and one’s needs. As such, it is a recommended focus during the Waning Gibbous phase. Only when you have a clear understanding of yourself can you truly understand what needs to be removed from your life. In some instances, it may be self-doubt, or loathing. In other instances, it may be negative people, or maybe even something else entirely. A great way to get to know yourself is through the use of a journal. This is one of the reasons why we have encouraged our readers to keep a Moon Journal throughout this series. When you write things down, they can be reviewed at a later date, and this often can assist with giving someone a new or different perspective. 

Now, let us briefly talk a little bit about interception spellwork. What is it? Why is this important to know? Interception spells are widely known as counter-spells, and are generally done when certain conditions are met. These are the very spells that are done because something had happened and now it is necessary to make a change. For example, perhaps the energy is a bit off in the workplace, and now you need a spell to counter your stress or depression at work. Another example being: where you live, you have been without water, and there are currently several widespread fires raging on. An interruption spell may be used to call the rains and to help put an end to the fires. 

Something worthy of note: each phase of the Moon has a different energy to it that is suited for different kinds of rituals and spellwork, When you understand the energy that each phase possesses, it will assist in providing you with a clear understanding of which types of rituals or spells would be best suited to conduct during each Moon phase. 

As previously discussed in our Moon Magick series, daily meditation is something that we highly recommend for all practitioners. Daily meditation gives you a few moments each day to touch base with yourself, and as you continue to do this you begin to develop a deeper understanding of yourself. During the Waning Gibbous is a great time to meditate to discover things that you are no longer wanting or needing in your life. When one meditates on this aspect, one generally should have a clear vision of the goal one wants to achieve. After developing a clear vision, focus on how to achieve that goal, this can be done by making a list of things that may be inhibiting you from reaching your goal. These are the very things that should be removed from your life. 

Below is a simple knot spell can be used for anything you would like to see removed from your life. 

The Knot Spell

Materials Required 

  • 3 pieces of long string
  • A piece of tape
  • Small table
  • Scissors
  • A fire proof bowl
  • A match or lighter
  • A black candle (if you do not have a black candle, you may substitute with white)

You will want to cast a circle to work within, as discussed previously in this series. Once you have casted the circle, you will light the black candle. It will represent the banishment of the negative or unwanted things or aspects from your life. Next, you will want to braid the pieces of string together. Use the piece of tape to bind the pieces of string together on the table. Then continue braiding until you have reached the end of the bound string. As you are braiding, you should be focusing on the goals you wish to achieve. When you are finished braiding, you will then tie nine knots into your string. These knots will represent the things you wish to remove from your life. You will recite the following incantation as you tie the knots. 

By the knot of one, the spell begins
By the knot of two, it becomes true
By the knot of three, so shall it be
By the knot of four, it shall hold me back more
By the knot of five, all ties will die
By the knot of six, fates have changed
By the knot of seven, ambitions rain true
By the knot of eight, the release is now fate
By the knot of nine, will is once again mine

You should now have a long braided string with nine knots tied into it. This represents the thing(s) you wish to have removed from your life. Now, you need your fire proof bowl and scissors. You are going to cut the string in the middle of each knot. As you cut the knot repeat the following incantation: 

As I cut this knot, __________ will be removed from my life.
It will no longer cause conflict and it will not cause harm
As I say it, so shall it be

Next, you must ensure that all of the pieces of the string are in your fire proof bowl. You are now going to light each piece on fire, and watch as they burn. You will need to recite the following incantation: 

As these knots burn, fate is sealed
Paths shall remain true and goals shall be met
What was once in the way is now no more

At this point, the spell is now complete. You will now close the circle and dispose of the ashes. You may choose to release them back into nature, if you so desire.

Since the time during the Waning Gibbous is ideal for banishing, below is an oil recipe for this purpose. This oil can be used on objects, people, or even thoughts. If using the oil on something that is not tangible, simply write it on a piece of paper, and burn the paper after anointing it with the oil. 

Banishing Oil

Materials Required

  • 1 oz. glass bottle
  • ⅔ oz of olive oil (or another carrier oil)
  • 30 drops pine oil
  • 24 drops rue oil
  • 20 drops peppermint oil
  • 14 drops pepper oil
  • 1 peppercorn
  • A tiny chip of obsidian

You will need mix all ingredients in the bottle, and be sure to mix them well so that they are perfectly blended. As you are mixing, think of banishing/removing items/things from your life. As you mix, you may chant: “with this oil, what once was shall be no more.” 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the articles published in the Moon Magick series thus far. Stay tuned for the next article in the series! And as always, be blessed upon your magickal journey.

~ Sara Lynn

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