A Muse’s Reverie

Positive Affirmations and Inspirational Quotes by Pagan Muses.

Be Unique

Be someone who does not require another’s approval or validation.
Be independent, be your own person.
Be unique.


Fear not if someone shall judge you, for it is out of their ignorance. Their judgements do not define who you are.


Strength isn’t about putting on a mask. It is about overcoming the obstacles in your life, and no matter who passes judgement on you, you still hold your head up and confidently say, ‘I did what was best for me. Judge me if you wish, but you cannot break me.’


Remember, all beings have a shadow side.

Though there are several individuals who may choose to focus solely on love and light, there are those who do choose to bring forth, confront, and/or nurture their shadow. Those who choose to acknowledge and embrace both the light and the darker parts of themselves, for they understand that there cannot be one without the other.

Vision 20/20

All that’s been said and done is in the past. Lessons learned. Turn your focus to the here and now. Take that first step toward what is to come.

New Year’s Affirmation 

As of today, I have learned what I needed to learn, felt what needed to be felt. I allow myself to heal from past wounds. I allow myself to move forward.

I surround myself with positive energy, breathing out the negativity.

I am not my past and I have taken the first step toward what is to come with confidence in my ability to persevere.