Incenses For Darker Magickal Workings

Below you will find various recipes for incense that may be used during darker magickal workings. Abramelin Incense Myrrh, 2 parts Wood Aloe, 1 part Cinnamon Oil, a few drops Uses: Burn Abramelin to contact spirits during rituals Consecration of altar and/or magickal tools Air Incense Benzoin, four parts Gum mastic, two parts Lavender, one... Continue Reading →

Oils For Darker Magickal Workings

Below are various oils that may be used for darker magickal workings. Banishing Oils I Rosemary Lily Vervain II Myrrhh Oil Hemp Mullen Deadly Nightshade Thyme Salt Unhex Mojo Bag Red, purple, or black flannel Cord to tie it up with A Piece of High John the Conqueror Root 1 piece of agate crystal Pinch... Continue Reading →

Herbs For Darker Magickal Workings

Below is a list of herbs that may be used for darker magickal workings. Absinthe African Ginger Ague Weed Aloes Anise Seed Asafoetida Balmony Betel Nut Bladderwrack Blood Root Blueberry Boneset Cinquefoil Coconuts Cruel Man of the Woods Henbane Knot Weed Lemon Verbena Mustard Seed Patchouli Poke Root Poppy Seed Rue Slippery Elm Tormentilla Twitch’s... Continue Reading →

Zodiacal Oil Recipes

Below are various recipes for oils associated with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Astrological Sign: Aquarius The Water Bearer January 20 - February 18 Ruled by Uranus and Saturn Element: Air Ethereal Oil 1/3 pt Sandalwood 1/3 pt Clary Sage 1/3 pt Lavender Cypress, a few drops Connected with Aquarius and Air energies. Aquarius... Continue Reading →

Planetary Oil Recipes

Below are various recipes for oils associated with the Sun, the Moon and each of the Planets. Sun, Sol  Deity Association: Apollo Day of the Week: Sunday Ruler of Leo I 1/2 pt Frankincense 1/4 pt Cinnamon 1/8 pt Petitgrain 1/8 pt Rosemary Said to bring prosperity and well-being. Also beneficial for obtaining positions of... Continue Reading →

Chakra Oil Recipes

Below you will find various oil recipes that may be used with respect to balancing and aligning your chakras. Crown Chakra Located at the top of your head and it connects you with the divine. That is how you tap into universal energy. 1/2 pt Myrrh 1/4 pt Lotus 1/4 pt Frankincense A few drops... Continue Reading →

Elemental Oil Recipes

As you know, the Elements are Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Below are oil recipes that correspond with each element. Air Oils I 1/2 part Lavendar 1/2 part Sandalwood Neroli, a drop or two Generally worn to invoke the powers of air and to promote clear thinking, for travel spells, and to overcome addictions. II... Continue Reading →

Moon Correspondences

Below you will find listings of oils, crystals, and herbs that are associated with the Moon and can be used to work with the Moon's energy. Oils Dark Moon Jasmine, 7 drops Chamomile, 2 drops Patchouli, 3 drops Sandalwood, 1 drop Full Moon Oils  I Rose, 3 drops Jasmine, 1 drop Sandalwood, 1 drop II... Continue Reading →

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