Norse Fey – Mabon

Much of our Fairy Witchcraft practice is based in the older Irish Michaelmas traditions. Before the ritual special cakes are made to eat and to offer, a graveyard can be visited. After walking sunwise around it, I would suggest politely entering and cleansing around the graves. As with Lunasa, races can be run and games... Continue Reading →

Norse Fey – Lunasa

Burn something cleansing; light candles; invite Powers. A good modern Lunasa prayer: Bless my harvest Bless my home Bless my work Bless all I own Gods above Gods below Gods of power That I know Bless my reaping What I've sown Bless the harvest That I've grown Magic or meditation can form the body or... Continue Reading →

Norse Fey – Litha

The Lady of the Greenwood and Lord of the Wildwood are honored and offerings of sweets, candies, milk, honey, and flowers may be made. In my family we also bake and offer a cake, with pieces given to the Gods, Fair Folk, and ancestors and shared among the family. The overall feel of this holiday... Continue Reading →

Norse Fey – Beltane

In Fairy Witchcraft, Beltane is particularly a fertility holiday, when we rejoice in the new growth all around us. Physical unions are celebrated and any children who are conceived at this time are thought to have a special connection to Fairy. Ritual Burn something cleansing; light candles; invite Powers. Say: On this day of blessing... Continue Reading →

Norse Fey – Ostara

In Fairy Witchcraft we believe that the Fairy Folk move their homes at the equinoxes although in traditional Fairy Faith belief it is at the four Fire Festivals that they are said to be the most actively out and about. At this time when day and night are balanced and the warmth is noticeably beginning... Continue Reading →

Norse Fey – Imbolc

In Fairy Witchcraft we celebrate this holiday with a dairy based meal, perhaps also featuring lamb or mutton. Part of the meal is offered to the Good Neighbors and some also to the Queen of the Wind and Hunter. We look for signs of spring, of early like the crocus pushing up from the snow... Continue Reading →

Norse Fae Yule

Yule Ritual Move clockwise around your ritual space hitting the ground with your birch branches to symbolically drive away negative spirits. Burn juniper, rosemary, or a cleansing incense; light candles; invite Powers. An appropriate prayer might be: I have news for you: The stag bells, Winter snows, Summer has gone; Wind high and cold, The... Continue Reading →

Norse Fae Gods

Gods: Short list Freyr (Norse):  Said to be the owner of Ljiossalfheim, the home of the light elves Odin (Norse): Associated with the Wild Hunt, who some sources say include Fey Frau Holle (German): Associated with the Hiddenfolk Frau Perchta (German): Associated with a type of Fey called the perchten Hecate (Roman/Greek): In later periods... Continue Reading →

Norse Fey Samhain

Samhain – can be a 3 day holiday 1st day: Fey Folk: dedicated to the daoine si and wandering ghosts. If you go trick r treating give the si a tithe of candy. Leave porridge out near woods and share stories about fairies. Morning of November 1st walk through your house fumigating with a blend... Continue Reading →

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