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Intuitive and personalized divination services: Tarot, oracle, and astrology readings are excellent divinatory methods one may utilize for when one wishes to obtain guidance and/or direction with respect to a particular facet in one’s life, current situation, an event, et cetera. Readings are also beneficial for when one is seeking advice more spiritual in nature, or when one has questions to which one is seeking the answers.

During the reading, our Principal Diviner connects intuitively, not just to the divination medium itself, but to you, the querent, during the reading in order to provide you with meaningful insight, as well as advice on how to move forward.

To book a reading with Tora, our Principal Consultant, please click here.

Astrology consultation services: We take the time to generate and interpret astrological charts, including, but not limited to: natal, solar return, and synastry. All of our charts and reports are tailored to the client based on what is discussed during the consultation.

To book a consultation with Tora, our Principal Consultant, please click here.

Metaphysical and curiosities procurement: Available exclusively through our Boutique, Arcana.

Arcana is a Jewish femme-owned Boutique for all of your spiritual and metaphysical needs! Arcana specializes in procurement!

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