Fun Ideas for the Online Pagan Community

We have shared and run a number of fun ideas and games in our social forums. These wonderful social events were thoughtfully drafted by Members of the Pagan Muses Team as a means to foster a sense of community. Members of our social forums could all participate, have fun, learn something new, and get to know one another.


Would you like to guess which deity is drawn to someone? Play the Which Deity is Drawn to You? Game!

Perhaps you would like to get your creativity flowing with the following exercise: A Short Poem: Write About A Deity That Resonates With You.

Have you been called by a deity? Or are you an elemental worker? Have some fun with our Deity or Element Game!


If you’re a fan of divination and fantasy/fiction, try our Fictional Character Divination Game!


Interested in guessing someone’s nationality or culture? Try our Genealogy Game!


For those who want to practice using their intuition and have fun with it, we recommend the game: Using Your Intuition.

Mythical Creatures

Are you a mythology buff looking for a game involving mythical creatures? Check out our Mythical Creatures Game!

The Witchy Name Game! 

A great game for those who would like to see how many “witchy” names other participants can come up with! Check out The Witchy Name Game!