Planetary Oil Recipes

Below are various recipes for oils associated with the Sun, the Moon and each of the Planets.

Sun, Sol 
Deity Association: Apollo
Day of the Week: Sunday
Ruler of Leo


1/2 pt Frankincense
1/4 pt Cinnamon
1/8 pt Petitgrain
1/8 pt Rosemary

Said to bring prosperity and well-being. Also beneficial for obtaining positions of rank and title, such as executive positions and civilian government positions. A blend that is said to assist in new ventures, publicity and notoriety, honors, and self-esteem, finances, and healing.


1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Juniper Berries
1 Bay Leaf
A scant pinch of genuine Saffron

Place ingredients in a double boiler and gently heat over low flame in 1/4 cup of base oil. Strain and use for healing, vitality, strength, promotions, and all solar influences.


1/2 pt Frankincense
1/4 pt Myrrh
1/4 pt Amber

Said to attract the qualities of the planet/star or to worship/invoke the god. May be used to enhance enjoyment, increase understanding of art and music, and to bring solutions to problems and escape bad situations.


1/4 pt Sandalwood
1/4 pt Frankincense
1/2 pt Orange

Used for when you wish to find the confidence in knowing and following your own path, drawing strength from within and power from the universe.

Deity Associations: Hermes, Wotan
Day of the Week: Wednesday
Ruler of Gemini and Virgo

1/2 pt Lavender
1/2 pt Eucalyptus
A few drops of Peppermint

Worn to draw Mercurial influences, such as communication, intelligence, and travel.

Deity Associations: Venus, Aphrodite, Freya
Day of the Week: Friday
Ruler of Taurus and Libra


1/3 pt Ylang-Ylang
1/3 pt Geranium
1/3 pt Cardamon
Chamomile, a few drops

Worn to attract love and friendship, to promote beauty, and for other Venusian influences.


1/3 pt Rose
1/3 pt Gardenia
1/4 pt Frangipani
1/4 pt Wisteria
1/8 White Diamond Fragrance Oil

Said to attract the qualities of the planet, or to worship or invoke the goddess; to create harmony and bring love, to ignite passion in a lover or calm an argument.

Deity Associations: Terra, Gaia, Earth; Our Mother


1/2 pt Patchouli
1/2 pt Cypress

Worn to invoke the powers of the Earth to bring money, prosperity, abundance, stability and foundation.


1 drop Patchouli
1/4 pt Pine
1/2 pt Magnolia
1/4 pt Honeysuckle

Earth is the realm of fertility, wealth, abundance, and stability.


1/3 pt Sandalwood
2 drops Vetiver
1/3 pt Myrrh
1/3 pt Patchouli
2 drops Honeysuckle

Create this oil by adding the ingredients in the order they are listed.


1/2 pt Vetiver
1/2 pt Rose
1/4 pt Vanilla
1/4 pt Cypress

Said to help bring in the elementals and energies of the Earth.


1/3 pt Musk
1/3 pt Patchouli
1/3 pt Rose

Blend in equal parts, bottle, and shake well. This blend is said to assist you in working with the Mother Earth.

Deity Associations: Mars, Twi
Ruler of Aries and Scorpio


1/2 pt Ginger
1/2 pt Basil
Black Pepper, a drop or two

Worn for physical power, lust, magical energy, and all Martian influences.


1/3 pt Ginger
1/3 pt Cinnamon
1/3 pt Civet
Add Iron Fillings and Dragon’s Blood to each bottle (this is optional)

Said to cause ruin, discord, and hostility among one’s enemies, sprinkle it in their home or rub it on their clothes.

Deity Associations: Jupiter, Zeus, Thor
Day of the Week: Thursday
Ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces


3/4 pt Oak Moss Bouquet
1/4 pt Clove
Tonka Bouquet, a few drops

Worn for wealth, prosperity, help in legal matters, and all other Jupiterian influences.


1/4 pt Hyssop
1/8 pt Clove
1/8 pt Nutmeg
1/8 pt Sandalwood
1/8 pt Rosewood
Bitter Almond, a few drops

Said to attract the qualities of that planet, brings good fortune, and cause people to become generous toward you.


3/4 pt Sandalwood
1/4 pt Anise
Almond, a few drops

Used for those who wish to acquire riches, protection from all earthly dangers, win honors and glory, and gain tranquility of mind.

Deity Associations: Saturn, Kronos
Day of the Week: Saturday
Ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius

1/3 pt Pine
1/3 pt Patchouli
1/3 pt Myrrh

Used to attract the qualities of the planet or to worship or invoke the god. Ease learning and passing exams, brings tranquility to the home.

Deity Association: Urania
Ruler of Aquarius


1/2 pt Musk
1/2 pt Sandalwood
Rose, 2 or 3 drops

Used to attract the qualities of the planet or to worship or invoke the god.Use it in magical pursuits and especially when the magician wishes to hide his or her intentions for influencing popular opinion.


1/2 pt Labdanum
1/4 pt Musk
1/4 pt Frankincense

Can be used for hiding something, particularly secret info, write the secret on parchment that you  have soaked in this oil and then dried. Burn the paper in the flame of a green candle. The secret will never be discovered unless you reveal it.

Deity Associations: Neptune, Poseidon
Ruler of Pisces


1/3 pt Ambergris
1/3 pt Lotus
1/3 pt Cucumber
Hyacinth, a few drops

Used to attract the qualities of the planet or to worship or invoke the god; to change fortune, to aid in politics, to command elementals.


1/3 pt Lily of the Valley
1/3 pt Magnolia
1/3 pt Lavender

It is said that when this blend is used daily and applied in a circle around the waistline of the body, it should serve to calm the turbulence of these upheavals in life, particularly when upheavals are caused by unleashed passion or rage.

Deity Associations: Pluto, Hades
Ruler of Scorpio


3/4 pt Musk
1/8 pt Frankincense
1/8 pt Hyacinth

This blend is said to bring about transformation and metamorphosis.


1/2 pt Cypress
1/4 pt Peppermint
1/8 pt Eucalyptus
1/8 pt Mimosa

Used to attract the qualities of the planet, or to worship or invoke the god. Designed for pursuits of war and politics, for broad-term financial endeavors and speculation.

Deity Associations: Luna, Selene, Artemis
Day of the Week Monday
Ruler of Cancer

Oil for the Dark of the Moon

1/2 pt Myrrh
1/8 pt Cinnamon
1/4 pt Queen of the night fragrance oil
1/8 pt Rose

Blend, bottle, and shake well. Use in spellwork when there is a New Moon for contacting ancestors and the dead.

New Moon Oil

1/3 pt Jasmine
1/3 pt Chamomile
1/3 pt Patchouli
Sandalwood, 2-3 drops


Full Moon Oils


3/4 pt Gardenia
1/4 pt Lotus
Jasmine, a few drops

Said to help with making preparations, blessing items, and making wishes and petitions during this time of generation and emergence.



1/2 pt Jasmine
1/4 pt Rose
1/4 pt Sandalwood
Lemon, a few drops

Said to help bring any project that needs growth to come to fruition such as love, fertility and financial ventures.


1/2 pt Sandalwood
1/4 pt Vanilla
1/3 pt Jasmine
Rose, just a few drops

Use to anoint candles or yourself during Full Moon rituals. Can also be used for when you feel like you need the Moon’s energy.