Elemental Oil Recipes

As you know, the Elements are Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Below are oil recipes that correspond with each element.

Air Oils


1/2 part Lavendar
1/2 part Sandalwood
Neroli, a drop or two

Generally worn to invoke the powers of air and to promote clear thinking, for travel spells, and to overcome addictions.


1/4 pt Benzoin
1/2 pt Lavender
1/4 pt Lily of the Valley

Associated with intellect, reason, new beginnings, and change.


2/3 pt Lavender
1/3 pt Sandalwood
Rosemary, a few drops

Associated with communication, learning, ideas, solutions.

Earth Oils


1/2 pt Patchouli
1/2 pt Cypress

Generally worn to invoke the powers of the Earth. Can be used to bring money, prosperity, abundance, stability, and foundation.


Patchouli, a few drops
1/2 pt Magnolia
1/2 pt Honeysuckle
Pine, a few drops


1/8 pt Sandalwood
1/4 pt Patchouli
1/4 pt Vetiver
1/8 pt Honeysuckle
1/4 pt Myrrh

Said to be a very powerful oil that can assist you in contacting the Earth elementals. Useful with respect to magick pertaining to stability, grounding, and money.

Fire Oils


1/2 pt Ginger
1/2 pt Rosemary
Petitgrain, a few drops
Clove, a few drops

Generally worn to invoke the powers of Fire, such as energy, courage, strength, love, passion, etcetera.


1/8 pt Cinnamon
1/8 pt Clove
3/4 pt Orange
1/4 pt Nutmeg

Associated with transformation, passions, leadership, and personal success.

Water Oils


1/2 pt Palmarosa
1/2 pt Ylang-Ylang
Jasmine, a few drops

Generally worn to promote love, healing, psychic awareness, purification, etcetera.


1/2 pt Sweet Pea
1/8 pt Jasmine
1/4 pt Camellia
1/8 pt Lotus

Water is associated with the realm of hidden mysteries, psychic senses, and peace.


1/3 pt Bergamot
1/3 pt Jasmine
1/3 pt Myrrh

Associated with dreams, psychic abilities, sensuality, increasing emotions. Said to help with dispelling fear from psychic attacks, as well as assisting with recovery from emotional abuse.


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