What is a Green Witch?

Everyone has their own definition for their path, however this description resonates the clearest with me and mine.

As a Green Witch, I work closely with nature. Plants are my go-to item I chose to work with. Planting, nurturing, harvesting and creating with plants is how I work my craft. It takes time and dedication to understand what each plant needs and brings to the table.

Nature is my religion and the Earth is my church as corny and cliche as that sounds.

My tools of the trade are crystals, the moon, weather, plants and herbs, and the ocean.

I do not follow any God, Goddess or Deity. I give my thanks to Mother Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

I follow the Harm None path, as I feel nature sorts her affairs out so I shouldn’t meddle. “Mother knows best.”

I celebrate the Sabbats, as well as the Solstices, as they are very closely tied in with the planting and harvesting seasons.

Herbalism is a passion of mine as well as creating herbal remedies.

Animals also resonate deeply with me. From the cute and cuddly to the scaled and winged.

We are all connected on this beautiful planet. What the plants feel, the animals feel, we feel. The Earth has a voice and she’s speaking through us all.

~ Keisha Davis