The Cost of Magick

This is a topic that many authors stay away from in their books. While they will tell you that you need to learn and that magick is easy to learn and that everybody can do it. They wont tell you that everybody shouldn’t. The difference is not that a person with enough determination can not learn to manipulate energy. It is not that they with enough practice with a model like Reiki cannot learn to sense it. The issue comes in at does their spirit have enough evolution to expense it.

Every person is at a different level of personal and spiritual evolution. That being the case some have more energy than they need to survive. This excess becomes their pool of power from which to cast spells.

Spells be it hexing or healing pulls on this excess of power and can deplete it very quickly. Rituals take more from the person/ people performing it because they call more entities to the table to take from the pool.

So what do i mean that calling entities to your circle pulls from the power pool? Well lets be real. These beings do not show up because you put on a robe and want to see you wave daggers in the air. They come for the offerings they get to take from the ritual.

So what does this mean for those people that do not have the extra to give? It means that over time that they can do magick but start to harm themselves. Some notice that they gain auto-immune issues or nerve system issues, others gain frailty of the bones while others develop issues such as dementia or schizophrenia.

So what can we do to prevent this? You learn to source most of the energy for a ritual or spell from the elements or from other places of power. You try to keep the impact to your own spirit as minimal as possible, while also doing self work to raise your own personal vibrations on the path of ascension.

Without this understanding on the nuts and bolts, you are like a battery that you are not allowing to run out and get a deep charge and you burn yourself out. Just take your time and if a casting starts to hurt or give you a headache or cramps STOP. You are not ready for that yet. Take some time for your own spiritual evolution and come back to it at a later time if you simply must.

– Sev