Moon Magick: The Last Quarter

The Last Quarter Moon, also commonly known as the Waning Half Moon, is the phase directly following the Waning Gibbous. During this phase, the right half of the moon is completely dark, and the left half is what is visible to the human eye. 

As with all preceding phases in the Moon’s cycle, and those that follow the Last Quarter, there are certain types of magickal workings, or rituals and spellwork, that are ideal due to the energy each phase encompasses. The Last Quarter is no exception. This phase is best suited for workings focused on overcoming obstacles, releasing temptations, and transitions. With this half Moon being part of the waning stage, it also can be a great time to look at obtaining or regaining balance through purging and cleansing. 

During this phase is when the Moon is even less illuminated than those preceding it, which in fact makes it an ideal time to rid your life of things, or even people, that are no longer positive influences, and to be rid of the very things that no longer serve you. Any rituals or spells that you have done during the prior waning phases of the Moon can be repeated and/or amplified at this time as well. As the Moon visibly decreases in size, the energy to release unwanted and unneeded items tends to increase in strength.

If there is something in your life that is inhibiting you from achieving your goals, such as: a bad influence, bad habit, or perhaps a struggle of some kind, now is the perfect time to concentrate on that obstacle being removed from your life. And as the Moon visually becomes smaller in size during the remainder of this cycle, this obstacle will become less and less of an issue. 

Likewise, if you happen to be someone who is easily tempted, this is a great time to release those temptations. Perhaps you struggle with concerns related to weight, and find yourself over-eating, or perhaps you struggle with failure to complete your work in an efficient manner due to all of the distractions around you. Whatever the case may be, during this phase is the perfect time to work on getting those temptations under control, and obtaining a level of balance. 

The Last Quarter is also a good time to move through transitions. Say that you feel completely comfortable being with your significant other, and you are looking to move in together. Now is the time to put some focus towards this and actually work on this transition! Similarly, say that you are moving into a new phase of your life, becoming a more active person, or growing up a bit to get that better job. Whatever the case may be, this is the ideal phase to work with when you wish to make a little magick to assist with transitioning. 

Overall, this phase of the Moon’s cycle is about releasing energy that no longer benefits you. This can include heavy emotions: feelings of sadness, regret, or unworthiness can and should be acknowledged and released effectively. If these emotions are a result of attachments you have to a particular outcome, or a relationship you have with a specific someone, you can now release these attachments. An effective method of doing so is with a cord cutting ritual.

Seeing as this is an ideal time for one to overcome obstacles, take a moment to identify what you feel is the biggest obstacle in your life. What is currently preventing you from achieving your goal(s)? Once you have identified that obstacle, you will then be able to focus on it directly and work on removing it.

Sometimes the simplest spells work best, so below is a simple binding oil recipe, and a spell to assist with the removal of obstacles.

Binding Oil

Materials Required

  • 1 oz glass bottle
  • 15 drops dill oil 
  • 30 drops arinse 
  • 60 drops galangal 
  • 15 drops hyssop 
  • 60 drops myrrh

Be sure to mix the ingredients well so that they are properly blended. As you are mixing, think of things being bound from your life. 

Removing an Obstacle

Materials Required 

  • Binding oil
  • String
  • Piece of paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Black candle 
  • Match or lighter 
  • Fire-proof bowl

The first step you will need to complete for this is to cast a circle (how you normally would when preparing for your workings) and to ensure that all of your materials are within reach.

You will light your candle first, black is generally used because it symbolizes the removal of something from your life.

Next, you will write the obstacle that you wish to see removed from your life on the piece of paper. After which, you will spend a few moments visualizing how you will work to remove this obstacle from your life. It is important to remember that spells can assist a great deal, but you also have to put in the necessary time, effort, and energy towards what you are looking to accomplish. When you are finished, you will then take the piece of paper and fold it so that it is smaller in size, and begin to wrap your string around it. As you are wrapping the string around the piece of paper, you can recite the following incantation: 

 As I wrap this cord, ________ will be no one.
_______ shall no longer be a part of my life.
This shall come to be. 

When you have finished wrapping, you will then take a small amount of the binding oil, and put it on the obstacle you have wrapped in the string. After which, you will take it, and place it in the fireproof bowl, and set it aflame. As it burns, the following incantation, or something similar should be recited:   

As this obstacle burns, so shall the power it has over me.
This obstacle shall hold no power over me.
As it burns, it shall be released release from my life. 

After it has been burned to ash, you may close your circle. Once the ashes from your obstacle are cool to the touch, you may bury them somewhere away from your home so that they can cause no more harm. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed the articles published in the Moon Magick series thus far, and that you have found them informative and inspiring. Stay tuned for the next article in this series! And as always, brightest blessings to you while on your magickal journey.

~ Sara Lynn & Jewel AnnaLysa

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