Full Moon Magick

The Full Moon phase directly follows the Waxing Gibbous phase in the Moon’s cycle. This phase is when the Moon appears to be at its largest, as the entire side of the Moon that faces Earth is visible to the human eye. The night sky is the brightest during this time because of the light it emanates. This is the last phase of the Moon before begins to wane, or starts to get visibly smaller. As such, this is the last phase where the focus should be on enhancements. During the phases following the Full Moon, one would generally focus on decreases or removals.  

Many people believe that the Full Moon holds a lot of magick and energy. It is also believed to be the most optimal time to place objects under the moonlight for charging. These objects may include rocks, crystals, tarot and oracle cards, or other items from one’s altar. This phase of the Moon also provides us with the most light, which is likely a contributing factor to the fact that it may truly be the best time to set objects out to bask in the glory that is the Moon. 

The practice of charging in the moonlight is thought to imbue the objects with energy from the Moon, thus making them more potent. If the object you wish to charge is new to you, it may be fun to feel it and its energy prior to setting it out in the moonlight. Be sure to really take the time to focus on the energy from the object. Then allow the object to soak in the Moon’s light for a night or two. After which, try this same exercise again. See if you can feel the difference, be sure to take note of your comparisons and conclusions.

Many also believe that the time during the Full Moon is the best time to work the most powerful magick. The reason for this is that it is believed that the Moon, with its full illumination, holds much of the Moon’s energy and power; so much so that the Moon’s energy and power truly possess the most potency. After all, it does not get bigger or brighter than the Full Moon during any other phase in the cycle. 

The energy and power embodied in this Moon phase is also the reason why some people, practitioners and non-practitioners alike, may feel unbalanced or disjointed. During the Full Moon is when the Earth’s magnetic pull on the Moon is at its greatest. This has been known to cause emotional issues for some people. Scientifically speaking, the human brain is made up of 73% water. As such, since the Full Moon appears to affect the ocean tides the most out of all the Moon’s phases, it makes sense that it might do the same for us. Still, the magnetic pull contributes to the Moon’s power during this phase, and makes it a good time to work all different kinds of magick (quite literally, just about anything can be done during this time). A few ideas for magickal workings will be discussed next. 

During the Full Moon, it is ideal for workings to focus on wisdom and enlightenment. Why is this the case? It is because perceptions are heightened during this phase, and as a result, one can see revelations and opportunities for manifestation more clearly. Other areas that are great to work on during this time include: enhancements, i.e. gaining energy or power, or adding one’s life, psychic development, and working on one’s greatest need(s). 

With time during the Full Moon being ideal for focusing on one’s inner self and psychic development, something you can do is pull out your Moon Journal. Take some time to review what was previously written. Revisit past spells and intentions to ensure they have worked the way you expected, but also be sure to take a look at which ones may not have worked out as previously planned. Likewise, now is also a great time for focusing on developing skills that need to be more refined. For example, if you are working on learning tarot, it may be beneficial for you to wake up those cards and work with them. The Full Moon may in fact help you to achieve a deeper connection between you and your tarot deck. You may find that you’re better able to tap into your own intuition and in fact feel more confident with respect to your interpretations, and as such, provide more accurate readings. 

The time during the Full Moon is also good for working on spells that were started during previous phases (from the New Moon up to now). One can also choose to simply “power up” a spell that has already been worked. For example, if you did the three day money ritual from our Waxing Crescent article in this series, you may wish to strengthen your work at this time. 

Some practitioners desire to connect purposefully and directly to the Full Moon’s energy through a ritual of “calling down the moon.” This particular ritual is used to focus on and draw the moonlight and its power into a person or object by essentially siphoning it. As opposed to charging an object under the light of the Full Moon, which allows it to absorb the light’s energy slowly and gently through permeating the nighttime air around it, drawing down the Moon is more of an active, more intense pulling of the energy. This pull generally results in a quicker and more complete fill. Some practitioners believe that drawing down the Moon is connecting with, or an act of invoking the Goddess (or aspect of the Triple Goddess). The act of invoking is asking the spirit of a deity, or an energy, to occupy our being. Conversely, other practitioners simply believe that the Moon and her light encompass the energy rather than deity. Either way, drawing down the Moon has its benefits. 

If one is choosing to draw down the Moon, it generally involves some sort of ritual. In some traditions, calling down the Moon is done within a circle with dancing and drumming. Others choose to do a more formal circle where a priest or priestess may enter a trance to pull down or invoke the Moon’s energy. 

Regardless of the method used to draw down the Moon, it is certainly a time of great energy and happiness. One can often feel the energy from the Moon just by going out and standing under her light. Energy and emotions are generally heightened during this time in the Moon’s cycle. Those who identify as Pagan and/or are attuned to the Moon and her magick are usually better able to pick up on and make use of the energy shift if they so choose. 

A Solitary Ritual for Drawing Down the Moon

Prior to starting this ritual, it is recommended to take a cleansing bath. You may wish to use the recipe for bath salts from the previous article in this series. After you have taken a bath, you should take a few moments to clear your mind and release any negative energy, thoughts, or intentions you may have. At this point, you need to pick the place you will be working from outside and gather the materials required for this ritual.

Materials Required

  • White or clear crystal (milky quartz, clear quartz, or selenite are great options)
  • Labradorite 
  • White candle(s)
  • An offering (wine or juice works well)
  • Your Moon Journal
  • Incense, if you wish to use it (frankincense is ideal) 
  • Tarot cards (if desired) 

Once you decide on and get to the spot where you will be working, you can set the items needed on the ground or on a small table. Light your candle and incense. At this point, I start by creating a small circle. You can simply walk the circumference of the circle. I like to chant a circle chant I learned as a child:

“This is a circle within a circle, with no beginning and never ending.”

You can stand, at this point, in the center of your circle. If you are unable to do so, you can place a chair in the center of the circle, and sit with your back as straight as you are able. At this point, ensure the stones, candle, offering, and tarot cards are in front of you. Now, it is time to invite the energy of the Moon down to you. Some choose to raise up their hands and call down the energy. What you do here is entirely up to you. I choose to lift up my hands and speak to the Moon. Below is an example of what you can say or recite when speaking to the Moon.

“Beautiful Moon in all your splendor,
Touch me with your light, so that I might grow and learn.
Lend me some of your light and energy.
Guide me along the way when the nights are dark.
As I say it, so shall it be.”

At this point, I also lay out the crystals I have with me and ask that they be charged:

“I set out these crystals so that they can be charged with your light.
As they sit here in your splendor, may they be charged with positive energy and light.
As I say it, so shall it be.”

Next, I like to bring out my tarot cards and ask for guidance:

“As I read under your light, may I learn comfort and compassion.
May my cards be true and may they take me along my path.
As I say it, so shall it be.”

At this point, I spend some time reading my cards. I also find it helpful to meditate within this circle, as it assists one to be comfortable with themselves. After you have finished with everything that you had planned to do within the circle, give your offering. I simply leave mine where I choose to place it. In closing, I generally say something along the lines of: “I thank you for your assistance, here is an offering for you.” After which, I close circle with the following: 

“This is circle is open, yet forever unbroken.”

Though we have discussed a few ideas for magickal workings during the Full Moon, there are still many different kinds of rituals and spells that you can do during this time. While this article provides you with a great foundation, it is important to continue your research and studies beyond this. As you grow in your path, so shall your magick.

We hope that you have found this article to be informative and educational. Stay tuned for the next article in the Moon Magick series! And as always, be blessed upon your journey.  

~ Sara Lynn & Jewel AnnaLysa

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