Social Media and Witchcraft: A Blessing or a Curse?

As you know, we are in the era of technology. Literally everyone has a phone in their hand at all times. A plethora of information at our fingertips. Which is good news for those wishing to self educate, right? Sure! Paganism has seen a resurgence in the past ten years or so. Likely due to freedom of information we now have and new generations yearning for something more. The spiritual awakening is upon us.

With the popularity of spirituality and non-abrahamic religions/faiths making a come back, it also unfortunately brings with it flawed information. Anyone can spew out regurgitated material and pass it off as “the gospel,” and if you couple that with a large social media following, you have yourselves a modern day Bullshit Messiah.

While the easy access of information is a blessing, it is also a hindrance with respect to pursuing and expanding spiritual and magickal studies. Just about anyone with a keyboard and a website or blog on the internet can pass off a bunch of fancy sounding mumbo jumbo as absolute fact.

Now, how do we bypass the bullshit? Honestly, it involves the desire to have the correct information and not just what is the easiest to access. A couple clicks on google can have you with at least twelve different answers in a matter of seconds. However, the best way to be sure what you are reading is correct would be to research more than one source.

You can start with fact based sites like .edu, you can find a lot of ancient text and lore that way, and that will give you bits and pieces to the puzzle you’re working on.

For example, I’ll cross reference anywhere from two to six books, and Gods know how many websites when I’m self educating on any given subject, even more so when it is concerning witchcraft and paganism.

With all of this in mind, it is important to know and understand that there are many frauds out there. Spiritual Vampires and Philosophical Parasites are 100% real. Never take anyone as truthful and always double, or even triple check your sources.

~ Keisha Davis