The Book of Shadows

As a young or new Pagan or Witch begins his/her journey into the craft, he/she will begin to gather experience, knowledge, information and wisdom. It is not uncommon that the new Practitioner would seek ways to obtain and retain this information. The modern seeker will sometimes use technology, such as a computer or smartphone. However, as people come close to their personal gods, they may be drawn to something more natural, such as a Book of Shadows.

The Book of Shadows is your personal journey into the craft and through your following.  This can be a journal of your good, and bad, works. Recipes, spells, incantations, songs and experiences may be included as well. You can use it to record your inner most thoughts, your hopes, dreams and desires. You may choose to keep it to yourself, as a “dark and mysterious” secret, or you may choose to share it with the world.

A question frequently asked by new Practitioners about the Book of Shadows is: “How is it made?” In truth, you can make one using common book making skills with the assistance of How To videos available on YouTube or On the other hand, you can buy one commercially. You can even use a composition book or a legal pad. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to making your Book of Shadows. It is your journey, so you should embrace it in your own way.