Tarot Card of the Day: Friday, June 1, 2018

Today’s Card is the Queen of Cups

Corresponding Keywords Include: Serenity, love, compassion, calm, comfort, dedication, a loving wife and mother, reflection, emotional healing, clairvoyance and empathy

Associated Element: Water

Astrological Association: Cancer

The Queen of Cups represents a mature woman who is nurturing, compassionate, and able to instinctively understand the emotions of others. She is generous and kind hearted. This card also represents someone who loves nature, animals, her children and partner; a loyal wife, a loving mother and a best friend. She is a Natural Witch, in tune with nature and it’s energies. This card also denotes a gifted psychic and a woman of strong intuitive and magickal skills and talents. The Queen of Cups also represents emotional calmness and healing; psychic abilities are tied to one’s emotions. With this, one must understand the importance of reflection. One must calm his/her emotions, as it will allow for much needed healing.