Tarot Card of the Day: Thursday, May 31, 2018

Today’s Card is the Page of Cups

Corresponding Keywords Include: Imagination, intuition, inner child, delightful surprise, embracing hope

Associated Elements: Water and Earth. Naturally, Water is the Element associated with the Cups suit. However, All four Pages are said to be associated with the Element of Earth as well.

The Page of Cups heralds a happy surprise of some kind. The fish we see peeping out of the cup represents one’s unconscious attempting to make contact, though sometimes one may not understand what is meant to be said. The Page of Cups also signifies that new intuitive talents are soon to arise and that one must take this time to explore such new gifts. This card also represents a student just beginning their studies in the magickal arts, or perhaps, rediscovering the joy of one’s craft. Now is the time to explore and embrace one’s magickal and psychic talents.