New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings

The purpose of this ritual is to focus on new beginnings and to promote healing; this ritual will allow one to move forward with a new spiritual awareness and clarity.

Materials Required

  • 1 white taper or chime candle for cleansing and healing
  • 1 red taper or chime candle for courage and strength
  • 1 purple taper or chime candle for spiritual awakening and growth

The Incantation to Recite

Let all that has been kept in shadow be brought forth into the light.

Eyes once closed now open to see what is true,
A silent voice will now be heard.

I welcome a time of healing, a time of transformation.

The soul’s journey now anew,
Rising above what I once knew.

This is my will, so mote it be.

Ritual Instructions

Prior to the ritual, it would be best to ensure that your mind is clear.

That being said, to prepare for this ritual, a cleansing bath would be ideal. A suitable alternative would be a cleansing shower. It is recommended that you bathe yourself with white soap; however, this is optional. Just be sure you are cleansed and your mind is clear. Allow the water to wash away your concerns, your frustrations of the day, and anything that seems to pull your focus undesirably.

Next, ensure that your working altar and sacred space are clean and clear of clutter.

You may do an altar cleansing before the ritual, if you see fit. You may also choose to anoint each candle as per your path and practice.

Seeing as you, the practitioner, are sending this working out to the Universe (or invoking a Deity if you so choose), it is recommended to make an offering of some kind. Offerings can include food, drink, or even incense. Do what calls to you.

Now, be sure to place the three candles in the shape of a triangle on your altar. About three to six inches apart should be fine. The white candle should be placed in the lower left of the triangle, the purple candle placed as the top point, and the red candle in the lower right.

You will then light the white candle, followed by the red and purple candles. Recite the incantation as you are lighting each candle.

You may recite the incantation two more times while the candles burn if you wish to do so.

After which, let the candles burn down completely.

Give thanks as per your path and practice.

Important Note: If, for whatever reason, you have to leave the room, or you wish to go to sleep, be sure to snuff all three candles. Do not let them burn unattended.

* A Note to Our Readers: You are more than welcome to use the above ritual as you desire, just be sure to give proper credit when sharing.