The Many Moons of the Year

Now that we have discussed all of the phases in the Moon’s cycle, and which type of magick would be best suited for each phase, we are going to briefly discuss all of the different Full Moons we see each year. As you may know, each Full Moon of the year has a specific name and meaning, but you may be wondering why that is. Traditionally, the names were similar to specific events during that particular time. This was considered to be a method of keeping track of time.

The Wolf Moon in January 

January’s Full Moon, known as the Wolf Moon, was likely given this name because the howl of the wolf was prevalent during this time. January generally marks the beginning of the wolves annual mating season. This is a time when the weather outside is cold, and many of us often feel like slowing things down for a little while, or may even feel run down due to the cold weather. January is often the coldest month of the year, which means many of us choose to remain inside where we feel safe and warm. With this in mind, magickally speaking, this would be a good time to conduct workings pertaining to self awareness, or perhaps the protection of oneself and one’s home. 

February’s Snow Moon

February’s Snow Moon was likely given this name because snow fall is usually the heaviest during this month, and so snow may still cover much of the land. A long winter precedes the arrival of this Moon. As such, the Snow Moon marks us nearing the end of the season. Often, supplies would have begun to run low, and many would be looking forward to the warmer months just around the corner. February is also the month Imbolc (February 2nd), which is the time of rebirth, fruitfulness, or fertility, and therefore, with respect to magickal workings, it is ideal to focus on any of these areas.

The Crow Moon in March

The crow has been quiet during the winter season, but now there is a more significant means of sustenance, and so he is making himself known. The Crow now heralds the arrival of the Spring Equinox, which is often associated with balance, as day and night are equal in length on this day. It is also associated with fertility, abundance, and new beginnings. As such, all magickal workings associated with the Spring Equinox and what it represents would be appropriate.

Something worthy of note: March’s Moon is also known as the Worm Moon, as earthworm casts begin to reappear – signaling the return of warmer weather. Another name for March’s Moon is the Sap Moon, as the sap of the maple tree has now begun to flow more freely. 

April’s Pink Moon

This is a time when things are really warming back up, and as the world around us warms, beautiful pink flowers begin to bloom. This is often a month where there is quite a bit of rain that brings additional growth in the coming months. This season generally marks the beginning of new life, as the world has, in a sense, come back to life with the return of Spring. This makes it the ideal time to conduct magickal workings focused on things like: conception, or adoptions, or anything new really. One can focus on things such as a new love, the pursuit of a new job, or simply to welcome a new beginning of any kind. 

May’s Milk Moon

This is a time when there is much more sunlight, and in olden times, farmers would begin to milk cows more often around this time, thus naming the Full Moon of May the Milk Moon. It is also known as the Flower Moon because this is the time of year when weeds, herbs, and grasses grow in abundance. Animals, such as: cows and goats, are able to fill their bellies to produce milk for the farmers. Beltane is also celebrated during this time, and as such magickal workings pertaining to: inspiration, creativity, and innovation are a few wonderful ideas for practitioners. Workings pertaining to weaving and establishing deep ties also coincide with what Beltane represents. 

June’s Strawberry Moon

This is the time when wild strawberries begin to ripen. As such, it is a fine time to make some jam with the ripening strawberries to enjoy in the coming months. The Summer Solstice, also known as Midsummer, or Litha, occurs during this month. With this in mind, ideal rituals and spellwork include those that focus on things like love, romance, and/or developing or enhancing one’s connection with the element of fire (i.e. honoring the Sun God). Midsummer has strong associations with love and romance, which is why many choose to focus on such things around this time. 

July’s Buck Moon 

This is time of year when young bucks begin to get their antlers in preparations for mating season, which typically begins in September. This is often a time when you will notice these young bucks sparring as well. Many things are now robust and well into their season, it is a fruitful time of year. As such, it is a great time to focus on magickal workings centered around things one covets or desires. 

Note: July’s Moon is also called the Thunder Moon due to thunderstorms occurring more often during this month than any of the preceding or following months.

The Sturgeon Moon in August 

The history behind the name for August’s Full Moon is quite interesting. The sturgeon, one of the largest fish in North America, typically spawn in the late summer. As such, fishing tribes found them to be prevalent during this time. With the abundance of the sturgeon, it was a time the fishing tribes celebrated, and thus the name the Sturgeon Moon. Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is also celebrated in August. With this in mind, ideal magickal workings focus on one’s crops and/or the harvest. Magickal workings can also focus on any sort of positive endings that would be in line with what is happening during this time. 

September’s Harvest Moon 

The Harvest Moon occurs near the Fall Equinox, which coincides with the first harvest of the season. The Fall Equinox marks the first day of the Autumn season, and occurs around the 21st of September. As such, rituals and spellwork centered around balance are ideal for this time. This can include a focus of working on balance between one’s work and home life, or any other areas in one’s life where balance is desired. One’s workings can also include shadow work, which is obtaining balance between one’s ego and shadow self. As the veil now begins to grow thinner, it is also a good time to focus on any issues one may have regarding the death of his/her loved ones. It is important to understand that this is part of the natural cycle that is life. Likewise, Autumn is part of the natural cycle of the Earth “dying” once again as the colder months are approaching.  

Something worthy of note: Every three years the Harvest Moon actually occurs in the month of October rather than September because of the timing between the Full Moon and the Fall Equinox.

Keep in mind: The Harvest Moon always coincides with the Equinox and as such, it will be the Full Moon closest to this date. 

October’s Hunters Moon 

The Hunter’s Moon marks the time when winter is near and hunting season has begun. Leaves have begun to fall from the trees, and game is ripe for the hunt. Supplies needed for the coming colder months are also collected during this time. The month of October closes with the celebration of Samhain. This is the time of year when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. And as such, it is a time of remembrance. On Samhain, one should take some time to focus on those who have crossed over. Some things that can be done include conducting a ritual dedicated to those that have passed on and partaking in a dumb supper, or even just leaving offerings on an altar for your ancestors. 

The Beaver Moon in November

There are two interpretations for the naming of this moon. The first being a time tribes would set beaver traps to harvest their fur for the winter season. The second being that, during the month of November, it is the time when the beaver builds his winter dam, preparing for the cold and icy months to come. Now is the time for one to prepare, or “pack up” for the colder months. In many cultures, November was also considered the new year. As such, this would be a good time to focus on any workings that involve the removal of negative energies, bad habits, or perhaps even toxic relations. Many also consider this to be a time for a fresh start, or a do over. With that said, workings related to welcoming new beginnings may also be considered. 

December’s Cold Moon 

Winter is now upon us, and the world is cold and barren. This is a time where many of us prefer the warmth of the hearth and the company of family and friends. Many of us also look forward to the return of the warmer months. As such, during December is when we celebrate Yule, or Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day and longest night of the year. It is a time of hope, as we know the Sun will return. The days will grow longer and the nights will not be as long and dark. As such, it is an excellent time to focus on anything pertaining to the “lighter” side of things, such as: family, friends and togetherness. Rekindling old ties and relationships can also be an area of focus during this time. 

The Blue Moon

If you follow the Moon’s cycle you may notice that some years, every 2.7 years to be exact, there are thirteen Full Moons during that calendar year. This thirteenth Moon is known as the Blue Moon, which is in fact where the phase “once in a blue moon” comes from. It is considered somewhat rare, as it does not occur very often. Many believe the rarity of it makes the Blue Moon more powerful than a “normal” Full Moon, and may even refer to it as a Super Moon. It is believed that, when doing any sort of magick during this Moon, the energy of the Blue Moon will amplify, or give your rituals and/or spellwork a significant “boost.”  Many practitioners also believe that it is wise to focus on introspection, or self-reflection, as well as self-healing during this time because of the energy the Blue Moon emanates. 

With this article, we conclude our Moon Magick Series. Hope that you’ve enjoyed the articles published in the series, and that you have found them informative and inspiring. May this series provide you with a wonderful foundation for you to further your magickal studies.

And as always, brightest blessings to you while on your journey.

~ Sara Lynn