Moon Magick: Working with the Waxing Crescent Moon

The Waxing Crescent is the moon phase that directly follows the New Moon, which we discussed in our previous article: New Moon Magick. It begins as a tiny sliver on the right side of the moon, following the last night of the New Moon. The time during the Waxing Crescent is the ideal for working on construction, positivity and personality in one’s life.

The waxing phases of the moon encompass the moon growing from 100% darkness to 100% light. This transition lasts for about 3.5 days until the moon reaches the First Quarter, which will be discussed in our next Moon Magick article. This transitional phase in the Moon’s cycle is symbolic of the growth within one’s life. As the moon grows, so does its energy and light, thus providing a vivid illustration of your intent growing as the moon grows. 

Waxing phases are, then, associated with construction because the tiny sliver enlarges slightly, each night, as the Full Moon approaches. This is precisely why rituals and spells meant to attract, or to bring things toward oneself are especially beneficial to begin when the Moon is in the Waxing Crescent phase. 

The key areas to focus on during the growth phases are “positive,” which is a (somewhat) subjective term. Positive, in this context, is meant to describe adding to one’s life, rather than removal. One may choose to focus on areas of life such as: love, money and finances. Spells in the money area will often include terms such as prosperity and abundance. Such spells tend to focus on drawing in wealth and a general, increasing sense of stability; they facilitate better options for one’s career and home. For the area of love, spells generally would focus on attracting and strengthening the connection one desires to obtain and maintain with another person. These need not only be romantic – love spells can be intended toward a twin flame, soulmate, family member, or even a friend. They can even be directed inward to oneself, to encourage self-love. 

Other areas of growth that one may choose to focus on are, indeed, more internal. These spells and rituals also serve the purpose of personal growth, but seek to strengthen one’s positive character traits and authenticity. For example, if the caster of the spell desires to instill a stronger sense of courage, joy, resilience, adaptability, perseverance, peace or contentment – he or she may choose to begin a ritual on a Waxing Crescent Moon that does so. Additionally, one may choose to perform a ritual or spell for the entire three days of the Waxing Crescent phase in order to increase the potency and influence of the work. 

Mental and spiritual areas of life may also be worked on during the Waxing Crescent phase. Mental growth aspirations can include practices that instill and promote the ability to focus, retain and recall memory, as well as increasing cognitive agility, self control and will power. Spiritual aspirations can include growth of intuition, your clair senses (as mentioned in the New Moon Magick article), and/or self awareness. Spiritual exercises that open and strengthen your chakra energy centers can be beneficial at this time. 

Building positive habits associated with all areas of life may also be done during this time. It is important to note the distinctions between positive and negative habits. Recall that the waxing phases are meant for attracting, or bringing things toward oneself; so focusing on the bad habits one wishes to remove (like swearing or smoking) may prove counterproductive. Instead, one may choose to focus on building positive habits, such as: healthy eating and exercise. Building habits with journaling and meditation is often a good idea, too. 

Many choose to keep a Moon Journal. This is an excellent idea (and highly recommended) because it allows one to follow the Moon’s cycle, and to see the intentions set that can be reviewed at a later date. By keeping a journal, one can verify if intentions were manifested in the manner in which was desired. This can greatly assist with understanding which aspects of one’s intentions or spells have worked well and which ones may still need work. 

In accordance with the Law of Attraction, one may choose to especially focus on “raising vibrations” during the Waxing Crescent Moon. Practicing well-aimed focus on positive emotions during this phase could show improvement in the vibrations being emitted and attracted. And as such, increasing the frequency of opportunities of which to partake that are in alignment with one’s goals. This means identifying positive emotions attached to your desire(s) and finding ways to harness them. For example: one desires to attract better financial options. When visualizing how one might feel to have succeeded in attracting and taking advantage of the better financial option – one feels safe, content and fulfilled. Activities that allow these states of mind in the present tense can be engaged in. Perhaps one feels safe, content and fulfilled by taking a walk in a local park. A nightly meditation-walk under the light of the Waxing Crescent Moon, with one’s financial goal in mind, could prove to be beneficial. 

Something worthy of note: following the phases of the Moon also allows one to keep track of (and alter as needed) the positive and negative in life. It is important to understand that, while waxing phases focus on instilling and increasing the positives, the waning phases focus on decreasing and banishing the negatives. Both cycles are attributed to the yin and yang, and are a part of a whole practice that leads to a whole self. However, for the duration of the Waxing Crescent phase, one may choose to avert their attention from the negative and, instead, focus on only positive and constructive growth (as per previous recommendations). 

With this in mind, there are still many spells that are ideal to work during this phase of the Moon. Anything that is being added, or that one wishes to increase in life is great for this Moon cycle. Although there are several types of spells that can be used at this time, we have decided to include what we feel readers would most connect with.

Below is a ritual for growing financial funding.

A Simple Three-Day Money Growth Ritual (Written by Jewel AnnaLysa for Pagan Muses)
For the Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

Materials Required

  • 1 green tapered or chime candle 
  • 1 tapered or chime candle in a color you feel adequately represents yourself
  • 2 tapered or chime candle holders 
  • 3 pennies (dimes, nickels or quarters can substitute)
  • Candle carving tool 

Working the Spell

  • Follow your preferences for preparation and pre-ritual practices such as: cleansing your space and self, consecrating magical items, casting circle and calling deities and/or elementals.
  • Prepare your candles by dividing them into 3 sections. Carve 2 horizontal lines which are vertically and equally apart from each other. If you know you will not have a lot of time or focus to give each night, you could substitute smaller chime candles and divide according to their size. You may choose to anoint the candles with money or blessing oil if you wish to do so. You may also choose to burn cinnamon and/or frankincense during the ritual.
  • Place the candles in their respective holders, on your altar, twelve inches apart from each other. On the left, place the candle which represents yourself. On the right, place the green candle which represents money.
  • On the first night of the ritual, place one coin closest to and touching the base of the candle that represents you. The object is to follow the path from left to right, from yourself to your goal. Each night of the ritual, move the candle that represents yourself and the preceding coin four inches closer to the money candle and add an additional coin to the top. By the third day, a stack of three coins should be sandwiched between the candle that represents yourself and the money candle.
  • Light both candles and meditate on your goal. You may choose to play music meant to attract wealth and/or visualize money falling from the sky. Be creative and slightly flexible with your visualizations while maintaining emotions that match how you will feel when your ritual produces tangible results. Continue your visualization and positive vibrations until the candles have burned down to the first (or next) notch, then snuff them out. Repeat for the next two nights.
  • On the final night, allow both candles to burn completely out. You may choose to crumble remaining bits of candle and bury them while stating, “So mote it be”, or you may mix them with your three coins – placing the crumbled candle and coins in a small pouch that you may carry with you in your purse or wallet as a talisman or good luck charm.
  • Watch for an unexpected increase in finances and opportunities that could lead to the same. Give gratitude and acknowledgment to these occurrences when they arise, and record them in your journal. You can repeat this three day ritual during the Waxing Gibbous phase as well. However, this is only recommended if you find during the First Quarter phase of balancing that the first three days of the ritual were truly uneventful. Patience and understanding that time is needed for manifestation of your desires is essential.

* A Note to Our Readers: You are more than welcome to use the above spell as you desire, just be sure to give proper credit when sharing.

We hope that you have found this article inspirational and informative. Please stay tuned for our next article on magick during the First Quarter phase. Until then, and forevermore, many blessings to you and yours!

~ Sara Lynn & Jewel AnnaLysa

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