The Throat Chakra (Visuddha)

The Throat Chakra, or Visuddha, is your voice, it is where your boundaries are communicated and set. This is also where the energy we use to express ourselves resides.

When in balance, we are able to communicate our thoughts with understanding and empathy. Our boundaries are also clearly communicated to those around us and we don’t falter within them.

Each of us wields great power from this Chakra, we can use the emotional energies brought forth from here to strengthen and elevate someone. It is also from this point where we could potentially use such energies to humble or even degrade someone.

This point is where our tone is set, and the positive or negative emotional energies from the Chakras below it can manifest here. Conversely, this is where we have one last chance to stop ourselves from callously releasing words in anger. When balanced, it is a relatively easy task. However, when the Throat Chakra is not in balance, it can prove to be rather difficult to stop ourselves from saying things that we may come to regret.

Common signs of being off in this area include: a lack of being able to express oneself, bad communication, inability to enforce boundaries, and throat issues. But when balanced, we are able to have good and open communication, expressive creativity, and power of choice.

With respect to healing and balancing this Chakra, one may use crystals or stones, such as: Lapis and Azurite.

Below is a sound meditation by Meditative Mind for healing and balancing your Throat Chakra. For this meditation, visualize a bright blue sapphire light spinning and releasing your truths into your consciousness.