Your Tarot Deck: The Major Arcana

When studying the Major Arcana cards, it is important to remember that they have a storyline structure. This structure is commonly referred to as the Fool’s Journey, which is known to be a metaphor for one’s journey through life. And as such, each Major Arcana card signifies a stage in this journey.

Below you will find a brief description of what each card represents.

The Fool ~ 0 ~
This card represents beginnings, innocence, naiveté, spontaneity, adventure, exploration; a free spirit; a journey; the beginning of a spiritual quest; new ideas.

The Magician ~ I ~
This card represents willpower, skill, determination, desire, creation, and manifestation.

The High Priestess ~ II ~
The High Priestess represents intuition, unconscious, inner voice, inner knowledge, and wisdom.

The Empress ~ III ~
She represents feminine power, beauty, love, compassion, sexuality, fertility, birth, motherhood, nature, creativity; hearth and home; full moon magick; bringing new ideas into existence; protecting love in your life.

The Emperor ~ IV ~
Generally represents things like authority, structure, control, father figure, parenthood, masculine energy, protection; a responsible and balanced individual.

The Hierophant ~ V ~
Represents tradition, conformity, morality, and ethics.

The Lovers ~ VI ~
Denotes sexual love, beauty, union, partnerships, a romantic relationship, decisions, choices, and commitment.

The Chariot ~ VII ~
Represents willpower, ambition, focus, drive, and determination.

Strength ~ VIII ~
Refers to strength of character, personal power, restraint, self-control, confidence, determination, bravery, compassion, and focus.

The Hermit ~ IX ~
Represents a time for reflection, meditation, intuition, contemplation, the search for truth, inner guidance, and solitary work.

The Wheel of Fortune ~ X ~
The Wheel of the Year, celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats, change, cycles, inevitable fate, and destiny.

Justice ~ XI ~
Represents justice, fairness, honesty, truth, clarity, cause and effect, law, equilibrium, integrity, and equality.

The Hanged Man ~ XII ~
Represents initiation, transitional phase of life, new outlook, letting go, and sacrifice.

Death ~ XIII ~
Represents transformation, metamorphosis, change, endings and beginnings, cycles of nature and life, and the end of a cycle.

Temperance ~ XIV ~
Represents alchemy, the middle path, restoring equilibrium, looking for divine messages, patience, employing moderation, restraint, and tact.

The Devil ~ XV ~
Signifies bondage, addiction, sexuality, materialism, and unhealthy relationships.

The Tower ~ XVI ~
Denotes a change of plans, revelation of secrets, upheaval, dramatic change, the need for re-evaluation, and disaster.

The Star ~ XVII ~
Represents healing, inspiration, intuition, renewal, hope, peace, and wishes soon to be granted.

The Moon ~ XVIII ~
Represents the unconscious, dreams, illusions, and intuition.

The Sun ~ XIX ~
Represents joy, vitality, achievement, success, growth, celebration, positivity, friendship, and happiness.

Judgement ~ XX ~
Denotes reflection, reckoning, inner voice, judgement, absolution, and seeing the results of past actions.

The World ~ XXI ~
Signifies rebirth, wholeness, fulfillment, completion, joy, harmony, victory, and achievement.

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