Tarot Card of the Day: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Today’s Card is The High Priestess

Corresponding Keywords Include: Intuition, unconscious, inner voice, inner knowledge, wisdom

Corresponding Deities: Artemis, Diana, Persephone, the Maiden Goddess

Astrological Association: Moon

The High Priestess often indicates a time of initiation and learning. The Maiden Goddess is challenging you now. It is important to listen, as she is wise. She is the embodiment of the sacred feminine and represents women’s mysteries. The High Priestess also represents a time to use your intuition and to trust your instincts; a time to look within, to use your inherent power. To direct your will outward, one must also be able to understand one’s internal world. The High Priestess is the guardian of the unconscious and beckons the traveller to the world within.