New Moon Ritual

We here at Pagan Muses would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 for the New Moon. We will be gathering as one to help our world as a whole, as this affects everyone one and the same.

We will be doing a small and simple ritual together.

Materials Required

  • One small white candle
  • Fire safe bowl/cauldron
  • One piece of paper
  • Pen

The Ritual

  1. Set the white candle on your altar. You may dress and anoint the candle as per your path and practice if you wish to do so prior to lighting the candle.
  2. You will then light the candle.
  3. Set your fire safe bowl/cauldron on your altar directly in front of you.
  4. Write on the piece of paper the desire to heal all those who are affected by COVID-19, and to heal and cleanse the Earth, to rid the Earth of this virus.
  5. Read your intention out loud and then burn the paper in the candle’s flame.
  6. Drop the burning piece of paper into your fire proof bowl.
  7. Hold the intention that the rising smoke brings forth healing and is carrying away what we wish to cleanse.

We will be hosting two rituals so that everyone who would like to join in will have a choice of time!

The first ritual will be hosted directly on our Facebook Page at 10:00 am (Eastern Standard Time – USA), so that will be in the evening for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

The second ritual, also hosted on our Facebook Page, will then take place at 10:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time – USA), which would be in the morning for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

Join us in honoring life for everyone around the world!