The Responsibility of a Magickal Practitioner / Ascended Being

We see on these forums all the time different people talking about what a Witch/ Magician/ Sorcerer/ Energy Practitioner is. Though we rarely see them state the inherent responsibility of what the craft and/or art of magick brings with it.

As an energy practitioner of any kind we have certain responsibilities that fall upon us. Those that have been at it longer have seen the effects of their actions and that’s why they’re caution, they understand WHY there are ethics that hold us to a higher standard.

Ego. The first of those is Ego. As practitioners, we have to groom our ego. We have to set aside petty offensiveness and false pride. We have to stare the demon in the mouth and jump in so that it knows even if it tries it can’t eat us. That we are one. A failure to deal with the traps and flaws of ego will have us justify the use of our art on matters that we could physically resolve. To deal with ego is to get rid of regret. It is also to ask the question ” I can do this but should i.. how will it affect the whole.”

Our ego is where the “me me me me” lives. It is where people wear their spirituality as a badge to show others that they are better. It is where the need to be right exists. Now if you mention to them that each person has a personal truth and that not all will get there in the way that they proclaim is right. They will say ” Oh I know that what do you think I’m dumb?” or some such drivel. They are simply not living the truth that they are speaking. Elitists that have skipped the know thyself grooming stage are a prime example. In a subjective reality what do you really know as fact?

Leadership/ Character building. This is a prime of being a practitioner and seer of the currents of life force within others. Those of us that take up the mantle of practitioners should also seek to have the qualities of leadership. That we have the mind to think of a family affected by a single spell not just the person that is targeted. As we study ourselves and understand our own pitfalls that we can reach out to others that desire it and walk them through it. In times past Shaman and witches were leaders of their people. In the core of every practitioner’s ethics should be at least: Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity, Compassion, and Honor. These are the building blocks of others trusting you. We should be inspirations for others. Our self-control and understanding.

Understanding the qualities of leadership are also the qualities of a practiced and well-balanced caster. During the path of ascension, we learn to embrace our emotions but with a thought to the outcome of our actions. A child thinks only to eat the bag of candy and later becomes sickened by it. The adult eats a few and spaces it out due to their experiences as the child. The practitioner gives the child a celery stick as it is better for the overall growth of the child and explains to the adult why they did it instead. My motto for leadership and character building is simple: I will be better than yesterday.

Unity. We that deal with energy and move it and mold it to our desires understand that everything is made of energy. That we may harm or heal. That We are the living balance. We have a commitment to unity. We create our own realities and in those realities, we must also desire wealth and abundance and peace for others. That only when we include others in our workings can we start to have the things we want for ourselves. That we can spread our words showing others how we have things in common. Not where they are wrong. That a thought is just like a thread of energy. Just as you can not create or destroy energy you can mold it. You can take a person that is mixed up and sort their energy and talk them through untangling that ball of yarn. You can understand the ascension and power of another by the harmony in their life. Those that are subject to drama all the time, always have a problem, always at odds with the trials in their lives. These people are subject to their environment and are not in a process of creating it. Do not let them be an authority in your life. With out unity we die. This is one truth learned during ascension. A hard one.

This is just a few examples there are many more out there. Though these are the ones I rarely ever seen talked about.

– Sev

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