What is the anatomy of a spell? What are it’s parts no matter what kind of spell it is or what path casts it?

Some state that intent alone will cast a spell, that all you need to do is think really, really hard on it, and it will happen. If they get no results, they will think that they didn’t “think” hard enough. Though, what is intent? It is a thought. People think good things and bad things all of the time, though nothing happens. Nothing at all. So, I think that we can reason intent is not the “sole” thing needed for a spell, intent is not everything.

Now, that is not to state that intent is not part of magick. The difference between the intent to clean your room and the intent to cast a spell is very different. The intent to clean your room is very drab, very mundane, and not very well thought out. The intent to cast a spell is very vivid. You picture it with all of the senses, you create the picture in your mind that is as flawless to the desired outcome as if you were looking across the room and it was happening before you or directly to you.

So, even though you have sculpted the finest idea in your mind, now you have to find a way to empower the image. You do this through desire, also known as passion. You can not want it like you want an ice cream, or to pay your bills. You have to want it like how a “fat” kid loves cake, or a dying man in the desert needs water. Desire is the fuel for focus. Once you have the desire, you tap your personal power and open to the elements. This still is just a part of the spell.

You can have a great thought, an immense amount of “power” and passion and still have nothing. All that you have created is a potential causation. You still need to release it into the world. How you do this is just as important as any other aspect in this triad. This is where many fail.

Let’s take a moment and think a bit logically. You are going to build this thought, build this power, cast some circle for protection, then shield yourself? But, you are going to release this power into the world? No, it’s like a microwave at that point. You have all the great things happening inside, but nothing is getting out. To release this power, you drop your shield, you drop your barrier, and you force it out of you with the fury of a holy man pushing redemption. You may scream, point your wand, envision your outcome, and give it the breath of life to become more than an idea in your head.

This is the anatomy of a spell.

– Sev