Zodiacal Oil Recipes

Below are various recipes for oils associated with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Astrological Sign: Aquarius The Water Bearer January 20 - February 18 Ruled by Uranus and Saturn Element: Air Ethereal Oil 1/3 pt Sandalwood 1/3 pt Clary Sage 1/3 pt Lavender Cypress, a few drops Connected with Aquarius and Air energies. Aquarius... Continue Reading →

Ideal Rituals and Spells for a Lunar Eclipse

The Moon and it's magick is something that I have found most people, practitioner and non-practitioner, are drawn to. From something like making moon water, to feeling a level of empowerment, to the Moon's connection with the subconscious, intuition and inherent power. The Moon itself is a symbol of magick. And with that said, many... Continue Reading →

Planetary Oil Recipes

Below are various recipes for oils associated with the Sun, the Moon and each of the Planets. Sun, Sol  Deity Association: Apollo Day of the Week: Sunday Ruler of Leo I 1/2 pt Frankincense 1/4 pt Cinnamon 1/8 pt Petitgrain 1/8 pt Rosemary Said to bring prosperity and well-being. Also beneficial for obtaining positions of... Continue Reading →

Chakra Oil Recipes

Below you will find various oil recipes that may be used with respect to balancing and aligning your chakras. Crown Chakra Located at the top of your head and it connects you with the divine. That is how you tap into universal energy. 1/2 pt Myrrh 1/4 pt Lotus 1/4 pt Frankincense A few drops... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Magick

This is a topic that many authors stay away from in their books. While they will tell you that you need to learn and that magick is easy to learn and that everybody can do it. They wont tell you that everybody shouldn't. The difference is not that a person with enough determination can not... Continue Reading →

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