Vesta House Blessing










Dedicated to Vesta and Manannan Mac Lir

Supplies: White sage, cedar, lemongrass, dragon’s blood and vesta powder.

Goal: Cleansing the home

Hold your incense and place the vesta powder on an item that you can burn it on. When ready light the incense and the vesta powder then chant:

“By the land beneath us. By the sea surrounding us. By the sky above us. We come unto the Gods. Beside you I stand hand in hand on this sacred land. With one breathe we cry, you and I, to the sacred sky and together we one day will be across the endless sea. Sing through my voice, play through my hands. Let the way be open. Gatekeeper open the portals between the Gods and mortals. Power freely flows as our magic grows.

God of the sea to your we say Manannan Mac Lir please part the veil, so we may bring the wise ones here. Open up the watery veil to the spirits domain in your coracle we may sail to where our hearts remain.

Goddess of home and hearth to you we say Vesta please cleanse and protect my home, so we may only bring light into our home. Open up your sacred flame veil to the spirits domain in your coracle we may stroll to where out hearts remain.

The keepers of the ways between the world of Gods and mortal kin. From common land to other worlds throw wise the gates for us once again. Be with us here tonight in the light of the fire’s life, ancestors cleanse this space used by your grace, we lovingly return the sacred space. We give thanks to all involved we walk with wisdom from this hollowed place. We walk not in sorrow our roots shall embrace. May strength be your brother, honor be your friend, luck be your lover until we speak again.”

Take in all their energy and imagine all these good things coming to your life.

When you are done thank Vesta and Manannan Mac Lir for their time, leave offering on the altar for 3 days, clean up your sacred space and then close the circle.

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