Psychic Empowerment Week 1

The Development Nature of ESP
It is critical to your development as in involving soul it remains however up to you to develop it no one can do it for you. Those early studies at Athens State university revealed a distribution of ESPN and the general population in which everyone was found to be psychic to some extent. Subjects scoring in the higher range for the form of ESP, whether telepathy, precognition, or clairvoyance, typically scored in the higher range for other forms, a finding that suggested the presence of a general factor, which we called factor X. Typically, persons with a high factor X showed a bright, expansive aura with a high degree of symmetry and balance as indicated by repeated electrophotographs of the aura in a highly controlled experimental setting. Although ESP it is considered a normal and vital part of everyday life, it is all too often suppressed or denied a expression.

Empowerment Effects of Psychic Knowledge
• Telepathy, believed to be the most common form of ESP, can increase your ability to communicate effectively and generate more positive social interactions.
• Clairvoyance can increase your awareness of distant realities that have important relevance to your present life situations.
• Precognition can help you to avert misfortune and muster the resources required cope more effectively with formidable situations.
• ESP can provide information critical to effective problem solving and planning.
• ESP can facilitate creativity.
• Psychic insight can overcome all barriers to personal growth and success.
• Psychic insight can generate totally new feelings of personal worth and wellbeing.
• ESP can connect you to the highest realms of enlightenment and power.
• On a very broad scale, psychic insight can equip[ us to take command of global conditions and empower us to initiate positive global change.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) can be defined as the knowledge of or response to events, conditions or situations, whether past, present or future, independently or our own sensory mechanisms or processes. While its dynamics are not yet fully understood, ESP as a goal-oriented phenomenon is one of our most valuable channels for experiencing the inner and outer realities of our existence. Through bypassing ordinary sensory functions, it can directly engage realities that are otherwise unavailable to us.

Four Empowering Principals
• The essence our existence transcends biological or physical experience alone.
• With the conventionally prescribed limits of human experience removed, the potentials for human growth and knowledge are significantly expanded.
• We can dramatically increase our scope and store of knowledge by developing out psychic capacities.
• Psychic self-empowerment and self-fulfillment are reasonable expectations for everyone.


Threefold Premise of Psychic Empowerment
• Within each of us is an abundance of untapped power and underdeveloped potential.
• We can independently access and activate these inner resources to empower our lives.
• Through that empowering process, we can literally create an upward spiral of personal growth that empowers us to achieve our personal goals while contributing to the greater good.


Empowerment Possibilities of Psychic Knowledge
• It can expand your awareness and increase your understanding of your existence as a life force being.
• It can unveil new dimensions of reality and facilitate empowering interactions with them.
• It can generate mental, physical, and spiritual attunement and balance.
• It can enrich your social interactions and promote your career success.
• It can bring you into a state of harmony with other dimensions and higher planes of power.
• It can promote your development of the skills required to achieve your personal goals.
• It can reveal the endless nature of your existence as an evolving soul.
• It can promote global peace and suggest solutions to global problems, such as reckless depletion of natural resources and disregard for threatened or endangered species.
• It can dispel the myths that are often associated with the paranormal

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