November 11th

Honor Aine – Faery Goddess

Aine’s Incense

½ oz. meadowsweet flowers and leaf~ must be gathered when the plant is in full bloom.
½ oz. finally chopped pine needles
½ oz. Lemon Verbena oil.

Faery Offerings by Color of Faery:
Honey: The faeries’ sweet tooth is satisfied by a bit of honey.
Offering wild honey is best.

White Fae

Magickal Qualities: Positive communication with the
faeries, divine inspiration, guidance, and protection, uniting
power, motivation, purity, illumination, lunar power, innocence,
love, peace, oneness.
Faery Flowers: Alyssum, aster, baby’s breath, candytuff,
daisy, gladiolus, hollyhock, jasmine, lily, pansy, peony, petunia,
primrose, rose, snapdragon, tulip, stock, zinnia, hyacinth,
narcissus, crocus, orchid, rockcress, masterwort,
bachelor’s buttons, sweet woodruff, camellia, sweet marjoram,
chamomile, caraway, anise.

Purple/Violet Fae

Magickal Qualities: Faery Magick communication (especially
with faery nobility such as faery queens and kings),
second sight, higher wisdom, spiritual healing, heightened
awareness, psychic powers, ancestral lore, sacredness, protection,
Faery Dream Magic.
Faery Flowers: Petunia, tulip, verbena, coneflower, pansy,
violet, lilac, lavender, wisteria, anemone, iris, crocus, monkshood,
chive, bellflower, fushia, hyacinth, hydrangea, blazing
star, purple sage.

Blue Fae

Magickal Qualities: Faery Magic healing, loyalty, divination,
psychic power, learning from the faeries, higher
wisdom, purification, protection from harmful faeries, flexibility,
introspection, sensitivity, flow, harmony.
Faery Flowers: Aster, bellflower, columbine, delphinium,
forget-me-not, grape hyacinth, lupine, morning glory, primrose,
bachelor’s button, gentian, crocus, lily of the Nile,

Pink/Rose Fae

Magickal Qualities: Faery Magick love, romance, friendship,
family, balancing emotions, kinship, kindness, compassion,
charm, glamour, enlightenment (rose pink).
Faery Flowers: Rose, petunia, stargazer lily, tulip, hollyhock,
balloon flower, begonia, clematis, cornflower, foxglove,
geranium, aster, carnation, impatiens, gladiolus, sweet pea, tulip,
Cerise Queen yarrow, azalea, anemone, dahlia, dianthus,
hydrangea, camellia, purple basil. (Use caution when ingesting
roses, as some are poisonous.)

Green Fae

Magickal Qualities: Healing, growth, abundance, good
luck, shapeshifting, fertility, money, creativity, birth, healing,
ambition, prosperity, regeneration, renewal, Nature.
Faery Flowers: Lady’s mantle (with soft green-yellow
heads), angelica, artemisia, flowering kale, hosta, shellflower.

Gold/Yellow Fae

Magickal Qualities: Faery Magick communication, understanding,
teaching, learning, intelligence, mental agility,
comprehension, creativity, solar power, wealth, expanded cognition,
attraction, imagination.
Faery Flowers: Calendula, chrysanthemum, cosmos, daisy,
gerbera daisy, daffodil, tulip, snapdragon, sunflower, yarrow,
marigold, lily, arnica, feathered-amaranth, wallflower, coreopsis,
dahlia, leopard’s bane, Mexican tarragon, goldenrod.

Orange Fae

Magickal Qualities: Faery Magick happiness, fair play,
justice, healing, meditation, joy, generosity, success, friendship,
productive action.
Faery Flowers: Lily, marigold, chrysanthemum, poppy, butterfly
weed, canna, feathered-amaranth, fuchsia, gazania, gerbera
daisy, black-eyed Susan, Mexican sunflower, tulip.

Red Fae

Magickal Qualities: Faery Magick love, romance, passion,
sexuality, creativity, vitality, action, courage, focus, enthusiasm,
power, animation.
Faery Flowers: Rose, verbena, dianthus, petunia, canna lily,
gladiolus, nasturtium, Oriental poppy, petunia, snapdragon, stock,
tulip, dahlia, zinnia, columbine, blanket flower, scarlet sage, pansy.


Honoring the Patron Powers

A cloaked woman emerges, stands to the north of the Hallows with head bowed and cloak closed. Druid speaks:
In elder days, Erin the goddess was the mother of clans, called Aine, queen of the noble ones. Aine the mighty mated with mighty men and from them she bore many peoples. As each of them grew old she would renew her youth and love again.
So for us is the living earth goddess, who grows old with the winter and renews her youth in this merry, magical time. With each of her renewings she brings the flowing of new life, the erotic blossoming of every kindred, not just for the CONTINUING of clans, but for the delight and regeneration of all beings.
Aine the ancient
Calleach the mighty
Bones of the Earth
Answer your children
Mother to maiden
Winter to summer
Root into blossom
Answer us, changer
Flow now the waters
All hearts rejoicing
Laughter and loving
Bounty and blessing
Now in the hinge-time
Wise ones are caling
Show us your wonder
O maiden of May!
all: Aine, accept our sacrifice!
An offering of scented oil is made to the Fire. The woman removes her cloak to reveal a young maiden, erotically dressed. All cry: Hail the queen of the May!
The May Queen speaks, saying:
Let the goddess of Earth hear our call as I hear it! Blessings upon all who do honor to the shining ones. In this season of renewal we do honor to the goddess of the wells, for the sacred well is the eye of the earth, the giver and receiver, the gate of the Sidhe!
Maiden holds large bundle of cut flowers, says:
Now let the well be dressed, honoring our simple symbol of all the worlds’ sacred wells.
Nine men come forward in turn to dress the Well, surrounding it with flowers. All sing ‘Way to the Well’.

When all are finished the Druid speaks:
Surely it is true that when the MAID of May appears in any place or any heart the delight of love cannot be far behind. In Erin the power of love’s joy was worshipped in Aengus Og, the son of Dagda and Baonn. He is the golden harper, whose music wakens longing and fulfillment in mortal hearts. He is the silver voice, calling all to come away from earthly care and join in the joy of May. Now let us welcome the young lord.
The young son Maponos
Aengus the harper
Son of the Dagda
Whose staff is the strongest
Born of enchantment
The son of the Mother
Sing, O enticer
Delighter of maidens
Sap in the branches
All making merry
Bee to the blossom
Hie to the Maying
Raise now the May-rod
Aengus we name you
Wonder child rising
Come to our calling
all: Aengus Og, accept our sacrifice!
An offering of scented oil is made to the Fire. The Bile, or other phallic rod is passed from woman to woman with much merry jesting, kissing of the pole, etc. …

The May Queen then places the pole in the Earth again, saying:
Awake, O King-To-Be! Enter now the maiden Earth and bring joy and blessing to us all! Beannachtai!
Offering to the Sidhe
The Faery Tree is brought out, or the Druid walks to the Tree (at the South?) Clouts of many colors, sparklies and amulets are available to hang on the Tree. Druid speaks:
In the elder days Aine the goddess was a queen of the Sidhe-folk, ruling form her mound in the south of Erin. Likewise Aengus was a king of the gentle people, making the faery music beneath the Brug Na Boyne. Now we call to them to open the way to the people of peace.
On the feast of Bealtainne the veils between the worlds are thin. Now we honor the nobel clans of the otherworld, the spirits of Earth to join our dance and receive due offering.
Come to the gates, gentle and lovely ones. Hear our call, we the children of Earth, who remember you. We offer you our worship, our reverence and our blessing.
You who rule in the wildwood, who give luck or bane, you who teach us the hidden ways and aid the wise, receive now these offerings made in your honor:
The druid will recite the various Powers of the Sidhe, and one of the folk will tie a ribbon or clout or whatever to the Tree for each. This should go on for ?9, ?27 things, such as:
To the queens under the hill — Oonagh the Lovely, Cailleach the Ancient, Medb the Mighty and all…
To the kings under the hill — Finvarra the Handsom, Bodb the Red, Eochaid the Stallion and all…
To all the Sidhe-folk of poetry and wisdom — Inspirers and singers, you who grant sight and hearing…
To all the Sidhe-folk who are warriors, wardens and keepers, champions and hunters, wrathful protectors…
To all the Sidhe-folk of the makers, iron Sidhe and GOLD Sidhe, wood Sidhe and clay Sidhe and the folk in the loom…
To all the Sidhe-folk of the soil, TILLERS and reapers, cattle Sidhe and arbor Sidhe and folk of the hearth…
To all the Sidhe-folk of the Earth, stone and soil, stream and pool, bird and beast…
To all the Sidhe-folk of the sea, merrow and selkie, of sunlit shallows and the deeps…
To all the Sidhe-folk of the air, trooping sidhe and the voices on the wind…
To all o fyou we give these gifts and ornaments, asking you to bless us in the joy of the living…
all: Noble Sidhe, accept our sacrifice!
Praise Offerings
The company is instructed that if they do not have a praise offering they may come quietly to the Tree through the rest of the rite and make their offering. The Tree WILL BE planted in the country after the rite.

The Blessing
Following the Hallowing and Drinking of the Waters the Druids work the Fire of Blessing. Druid Speaks:
Now as we stand filled with the power of our Goddess and God, let us work the spell of the Beltainne fires to drive away ill and bring us luck in the coming summer.
Two fire-vessels are brought out and prepared. Sacred woods are available as in the charm. One man and one Woman bring fire from the Fire. Fires conjured, saying:
We kindle these magic fires
In the presence of the mighty ones
In the power of the lovers
By Dagda the fire and by Brigid the fire
By oak — grant strength
By rowan — grant magic
By hazel — grant wisdom
Spring from darkness into light
Rise as the warmth of summer’s sun
This Beltainne day
Kindle within each of our hearts
A flame of love and wit and might
To friend and foe and all beings
Bring peace and beauty to the land
As life begins anew.
Ta Go Maith!
Now join hands all…
Step lightly in the dance and leave your winter cares behind
Receive the blessing of the shining ones
As you pass between the faery fires
Dance now, in the joy of May!

Final Blessing:
Music is struck up and a line dance led by one of the Druids, dancing between the two Fires, maybe doubling back for kisses. All finally spiral into clump with a roar/om. Druid deepens trance one last time, then speaks:
Bless, O great ones true and bountiful
Ourselves, our kind and our friends
Our work and our wealth.
May the Waters of Life sustain us
May the Fire of Passion enliven us
From day to day through every turning moon
From season to season
Through all the sacred year.
May the ancestors strengthen us
May the Sidhe-folk open our ways
May the goddesses and gods grant us wisdom.
Let the seeds of spring shoot and bud
And let our lives blossom with the May.
By our magic and gby the blessings of the old ways
Let all our blossoms come to fruit!
Ta Go Maith!
As usual.



Creating the Faery Magic Circle:

The Faery Magick Circle protects you from harmful
energies when doing magick. It acts as a vortex of light,
bridging the mortal and faery worlds. Each time you do
magick, you create the magick Circle. First, sprinkle water
from your cup clockwise all around the inside of the Faery
Ring to purify the area. Then hold your athame or wand
in your power hand with the point outward, face in the
direction North of your Faery Ring, and slowly spin in a
clockwise circle. As you do this imagine a blue-white light
shooting out of its tip. Trace a clockwise circle of light
with your athame over the Faery Ring you have created.
You are basically drawing a double circle. Next, face the
altar, and say:
“I consecrate this Circle of power
To the generous and helpful faeries
Of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
May they bless this circle with their presence.
So be it! Blessed be!”
Pulling Up the Faery Magick Circle and Ring:
Once you have bidden farewell to the faery guardians,
it is time to pull up the magick Circle and Faery Ring. Do
so by holding your athame or wand in your power hand,
face North, and slowly turn in a counterclockwise circle. As
you do this, imagine the blue-white light of the Circle being
drawn back up into your athame or wand. Then scatter the
flowers in the ring to and fro, and erase the mark of the
ring with your shoe, foot, or besom. Do this in a counterclockwise
motion. Lastly, ring the bell once, and say:
“The Circle is open, but ever unbroken.
May peace and love fill our hearts.
Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!
Blessed be!”
Now clap your hands three times. It is done.


Calling in the Faery Guardians:

Once you have created the Faery Ring and magick Circle,
it is time to invoke the faery guardians to protect the Elemental
gates of your sacred space. They guard the thresholds
of each of the Four Directions and remain there until
you release them. From the earth come the gnomes, garden
and forest faeries and dryads; from the Air come the winged
sylphs; from the Fire come the salamanders; and from the
Water come the merrows and the undines.
Face the Northern point of your Circle, ring the bell
three times, and merge with the Earth faeries. These are the woodland faeries who love the dawning sun and are brown
or green, small, and often winged, who love music and
dancing; gnomes who are short, squat, with large arms,
and live under rocks; leprechauns; and brownies. Earth
faeries live in trees, in tall grasses, and at the gnarled base
of old trees. As you merge with the Earth faeries, say:
“Helpful faeries of the North march.
Generous faeries of Earth
Come, I pray you.
Protect the gate of the North Ward,
And guard this Circle and all within
Come, I welcome you!”
Face East, ring the bell three times, and merge with
the Air faeries. These are the lovely winged sylphs who are
often surrounded by a radiant glow, and the weather
faeries, such as wind faeries, which influence storms whose,
wings are usually larger than their bodies. As you merge
with the Air faeries, say:
“Helpful faeries of the East march.
Generous faeries of Air,
Come, I pray you.
Protect the gate of the East Ward,
And guard this Circle and all within.
Come, I welcome you!”
Face South, ring the bell three times, and merge with
the Fire faeries. These are the Fire spirits and salamanders
who represent the destructive and creative power of fire.
Every time a fire is lit, a Fire faery is present. As you merge
with the Fire faeries, say:
“Helpful Faeries of the South march.
Generous faeries of Fire,
Come, I pray you.
Protect the gate of the South Ward,
And guard this Circle and all within.
Come, I welcome you!”
Face West, ring the bell three times, and merge with the
Water faeries. They are the salt Water faeries, such as the
merrows; and sprites who are playful and active, and often
look very human-like with webbed feet and hands. Fresh
water faeries, such as the undines, are dreamlike and beautiful,
with enchanting voices. They live in ponds, rivers, and
lakes. As you merge with the Water faeries, say:
“Helpful Faeries of the West march.
Generous faeries of Water,
Come, I pray you.
Protect the gate of West Ward,
And guard this Circle and all within.
Come, I welcome you!”
Now stand in the center of your magick Circle, ring the
bell three times, and say:
“Helpful faeries of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit
Come. I pray you.
Grant me your divine power and protection tonight!
So be it! Blessed be!”
The faery guardians are now in place.

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