Norse Fey Samhain


Samhain – can be a 3 day holiday

1st day: Fey Folk: dedicated to the daoine si and wandering ghosts. If you go trick r treating give the si a tithe of candy. Leave porridge out near woods and share stories about fairies. Morning of November 1st walk through your house fumigating with a blend of juniper, rosemary, and vervain to bless your home. As you do this say a prayer based on one from the Carmina Gadelica:

Gods, bless to me this new day,

Never seen by me before;

As I bless you on this morning,

Embracing the time I am given.

Bless my two eyes,

May my eyes bless all I see;

I will bless my neighbor,

May my neighbor bless me.

Gods, give me a clean start,

Let me remain under your protection;

Bless my children and my husband,

And bless my life and my possessions.


2nd day: liminal Gods: Dedicated to the Gods; Queen of the Wind and the Hunter. Share stories about the Gods or spirits and things that happened on Samhain. Extinguish all the candles on your altar and relight them to symbolically re-enact the Samhain fire lighting at Tlachtga, and represent the end of the old year and birth of the new. We have a small ritual feast as well, of pork and apples with seasonal vegetables, some of which are offered to the Gods, spirits and ancestors.

3rd day: to the dead: Ancestors. Light candles on your ancestor altar and tell stories about the family members who have passed from this life.  After your meal leave out a plate for the dead. Leave Halloween pumpkins in the woods for the deer and other wildlife to eat.


Offerings: milk, bread, apples, porridge, and perhaps a shared meal.

Burn juniper, light candles, invite your ancestors, all goodly inclined spirits, and the Queen of the Wind and Hunter.

On your altar light a white candle for your ancestors. Say something like:

Ancestors of blood, flesh, and bone,

Family gone but not forgotten,

Friends that I had known,

In life and remember now

Witches who are kindred souls

Spiritual brothers and sisters,

Kindred hearts with kindred goals

We honor you on this Samhain Night.

Light a candle for the Fair Folk and say

Spirits of the Otherworld,

Spirits of the Land,

May there be

Only Friendship

Between us now

And Forever

Light a third candle for the luminal Gods (or 2 separate ones) and say:

Queen of the Wind, Hunter of the Winter Wood,

I welcome your return to the mortal world

As summer passes into shadow and

The old year goes to its rest once again

May you bring with you renewal and rebirth.

Offerings of apples and bread are made. Do divination for the year to come. Perform closing words or actions.

Prayer to the Daoine Si

Ancient Ones of the Otherworld

Wise People of skill and power

I offer this to you as a sign of goodwill

Honey and cream, sweetness and life,

May there be peace and friendship

Always between myself and the daoine si



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