Norse Fey – Ostara


In Fairy Witchcraft we believe that the Fairy Folk move their homes at the equinoxes although in traditional Fairy Faith belief it is at the four Fire Festivals that they are said to be the most actively out and about. At this time when day and night are balanced and the warmth is noticeably beginning to overtake the cold, we focus on setting goals for the growing season and choosing what we will nurture and put our energy into. Those with actual physical crops might look at starting seeds indoors around now, but for those of us without literal plants to grow we look at what other things in our lives need to be planted. Offerings are made as usual to the Good Neighbors at this time, and also to the liminal Gods for a safe spring, as the dangerous season of thawing and storms begins.


Burn something cleansing; light candles; invite Powers.

Say something like:

As day and night are equal

As dark and light are balanced

May I find the way

Walking between two worlds.

Choose three colors of yarn or thread that represents energy or goals you want to nurture in the coming six months. Weave a bracelet from three colors of thread to either wear or keep on your altar. Offerings of milk and eggs are appropriate. Divination. Closing words or actions.

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