Norse Fey – Mabon


Much of our Fairy Witchcraft practice is based in the older Irish Michaelmas traditions. Before the ritual special cakes are made to eat and to offer, a graveyard can be visited. After walking sunwise around it, I would suggest politely entering and cleansing around the graves. As with Lunasa, races can be run and games can be played. The ritual itself, focused on the Lady of the Greenwood and Lord of the Wildwood, should focus on gratitude for the harvest, blessing of the fertility of the land, and protection of the community. A feat of lamb or goose should follow the ritual, with portions of the food shared among the Gods and spirits; ideally this should be as part of a party or at least festive atmosphere. In a group gifts can be given or for a solitary person a random act of kindness or gift to a stranger might be considered. Because a main focus of Michaelmas is charity I believe it is appropriate on the equinox for pagans to donate food, money, or other supplies to an organization that helps the poor, ideally within the person’s own community, such as a good locker.


Burn something cleansing; light candles; invite Powers.

An appropriate prayer might be:

As dark and light are balanced

My harvest is in full swing

I gather together what I’ve grown

As i watch birds on the wind

Flying south as winter comes

In summer’s final nights

I honor the effort I’ve put out

And honor all goodly wights.

If you made a bracelet charm at the spring equinox you might consider burning it now to symbolically harvest your intentions. Otherwise, you could write achievements on a piece of paper and burn it.

Offerings should be done. Divination. Closing words or actions.

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