Norse Fey – Litha


The Lady of the Greenwood and Lord of the Wildwood are honored and offerings of sweets, candies, milk, honey, and flowers may be made. In my family we also bake and offer a cake, with pieces given to the Gods, Fair Folk, and ancestors and shared among the family. The overall feel of this holiday is very light hearted and joyous with an emphasis on dancing and singing.


Burn blessing incense or rose petals; light candles; invite Powers.

A good prayer might be:

Midsummer has arrived again

A night of mischief merry

When the woods are filled

With spirits earthly and airy

When much magic if afoot

And the Fair Folk do abound

Riding out on fine horses

Traveling from elfin mound.

May we join in the celebration

On this the shortest night

And may no harm come to us

As we dance beneath starlight.

Midsummer is an ideal time to seek out new allies and make new friends in the Otherworld. This can be done through journey work, meditation, or extending offerings to new Powers. This is also a good time to remember to honor your land spirits.

Offerings of cake or bread with honey work well. Do divination. Closing words and actions.

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