Norse Fey – Imbolc


In Fairy Witchcraft we celebrate this holiday with a dairy based meal, perhaps also featuring lamb or mutton. Part of the meal is offered to the Good Neighbors and some also to the Queen of the Wind and Hunter. We look for signs of spring, of early like the crocus pushing up from the snow and we observe the weather for omens, such as:

As far as the wind shall enter the door

On the Feast Day of the Bride, [Imbolc]

The snow shall enter the door

On the Feast Day of Patrick. [Spring Equinox]

For us this is also primarily a holiday focused on cleansing. In ritual we symbolically wash or anoint our heads, hands, and feet to prepare for the work of the year to come. This is the ideal time for any dedications or to begin any long-term projects. We honor the Queen of the Wind and Hunter as both the heart of winter and the hope of spring.


Burn something cleansing; light candles; invite Powers.

An appropriate prayer might be:

The new growth emerges from the earth

The park of life dances in winter

Queen of the Wind, let us see

The blessing in the darkness,

Hunter, let us see

The strength in our hearts

To endure the cold.

Wash your head, hands and feet with blessed water to cleanse yourself for the coming year.

Do a dedication/renewal if appropriate. Offerings of any dairy product are good. Divination should be done. Closing words or actions.

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