Norse Fey – Beltane


In Fairy Witchcraft, Beltane is particularly a fertility holiday, when we rejoice in the new growth all around us. Physical unions are celebrated and any children who are conceived at this time are thought to have a special connection to Fairy.


Burn something cleansing; light candles; invite Powers. Say:

On this day of blessing we welcome back summer

We welcome back the Lady of the Greenwood

We welcome back the Lord of the Wildwood

With joy and with laughter, with love and with pleasure

We honor the Light you bring, May you bless us

Bless our homes and bless our families

Bless our lives and bless our prosperity,

Bless our land and bless all within it.

Light a small fire in your cauldron using either herbs or wood. Pass an object you wish to bless as a talisman through the fire. When the fire is entirely extinguished, keep the ashes to use in blessing charms. Offerings of milk, bred or if you are feeling adventurous, whiskey may be made. Divination should be done, closing words or actions.

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