Norse Fae Yule


Yule Ritual

Move clockwise around your ritual space hitting the ground with your birch branches to symbolically drive away negative spirits.

Burn juniper, rosemary, or a cleansing incense; light candles; invite Powers.

An appropriate prayer might be:

I have news for you:

The stag bells,

Winter snows,

Summer has gone;

Wind high and cold,

The sun low,

Short its course

The sea running high;

Deep red the bracken

Its shape lost,

The wild goose has

Raised its accustomed cry;

Cold has seized

The birds’ wings

Season of ice

This is my news.

For the main body of the ritual I often honor my house spirits with an offering of porridge with a large pat of butter on top, but songs to welcome back the sun, or other similar activities would also be good.

Offerings should be of cookies and milk, or other appropriate foods. Do divination. Perform closing words or actions.

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