Samhain – Luciferian

October 31st Of the dead who dance a leaf blown dance towards the fires; Of the spectral hands which caress the sleep autumn; We come of graves yet unknown of sight and filled in tunnels Of crimson, as the torch which leads our very essence - One behind and one ahead both moving forwards and... Continue Reading →

Autumn Equinox – Luciferian

September 21st As the two equinoxes are known for the balance and equilibrium of both black and white, so is the birthing of your inner strengths and insight, which develop with every Equinox that passes. In the old times, when the tradition flourished from tongue to mind, so did the growing psychic strength of the... Continue Reading →

Lughnasadh – Luciferian

July 31st Lugh is a Celtic god of Light and Fire, connected to, by the essence of the form, to Lucifer. It is rumored that the name Lugh is derived from the Latin word LUX, meaning 'light'. Such a Sabbat is a celebration of not only the hidden light (ie. Morning Star and wisdom) but... Continue Reading →

Midsummer -Luciferian

JUNE 22nd This is a calling and celebration of the warmth of the sun, an invocation of passion and life giving pleasure. Lugh, the Celtic Light Bringer is of radiant color, his image is painted in the mind during this period. The magickal weapon of this particular Sabbat is the Lamp. 26 is the number... Continue Reading →

Beltane – Luciferian

April 30th Beltane is known primarily as a Celtic holiday, translating to 'Bel Fire'. A God of light and fire, Bel also represented the shadow side, often connected with Cernunnos. Beltane is a gathering of the rising Spring, when birth is abundant and life awakes in its fragile beauty. The night is the gateway to... Continue Reading →

Spring Equinox – Luciferian

March 21st The Spring Equinox is the dawning of light and birth, of renewal and energy. Spring is the time of PAN and of the Morning Star (9). All beasts and men/women walk the earth in awakened senses, especially those of a magickal path. This is a rite of exploring the parallel path ways, similar... Continue Reading →

Imbolg – Luciferian

February 2nd. This festival is of fire. The powers of fire reside in creation and destruction, the flames either caress or break down. If at all possible, this rite should be conducted outdoors, providing room for an ample fire. If not, a well decorated chamber adorned with the images of fire and sleep. Imbolg is... Continue Reading →

Basic Rite To Flereous

June 22 The Altar must face the South most point of the ritual chamber. A candle is set at each elemental point. The elemental demons are invoked by use of the enns with the dagger. Leviathan first and working clockwise leaving Flereous for last. An incense of sandalwood and sage invokes atmosphere. Carrying a candle... Continue Reading →

Basic Rite To Lucifer

March 21 & November 16th The Altar must face the East most point of the ritual chamber. A candle is set at each elemental point. The elemental demons are invoked by use of the enns with the dagger. Flereous first and working clockwise leaving Lucifer for last. An incense of Sorcery invokes atmosphere. Light the... Continue Reading →

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