Lammas – Faery



To attract faeries and other magickal beings to your door,

you can create your own version of a Faery Ring by drawing a

circle in the dirt where you want your Ring to be. The circle

can be as big (a large meadow) or small (a flowerpot) as you

want or have space for, depending on your needs and

living environment.

After you have drawn out the Ring, gather together

enough stones to line the parameter of your magickal Faery

Ring. One by one, set the stones on the outline of the Ring so

they all touch together. Take your time when doing this,

fitting the stones together while thinking about the ring you

are creating and its purpose.

Once you are done outlining the circular ring with stones,

sit or stand back for a few minutes. Now in your mind’s

eye, imagine a thread of bright white light energetically

connecting the stones together. Imagine light weaving the

stones together in a clockwise motion, around and around

the circle at least seven times.

As a finishing touch, plant flowers and herbs that attract

the faeries in and around the Ring. Select your favorites

and the faeries will be pleased. Faeries and other helpful

magickal beings are attracted to all beautiful things connected

with the living spirit of Nature.

Optimally, your Faery Ring should reflect the passing

of the seasons. For example, plant some narcissus, which

bloom in early spring, and perhaps some daffodils, tulips,

irises, all of which bloom shortly thereafter. Add a few

daisies or annuals, and a rose bush or three or seven (miniature

roses are great in Faery Ring flower pots). These plants

keep on blooming until autumn, and in some milder climates,

they bloom continuously. Be sure to snip all spent

blooms back, and water the plants regularly.

Creating a Faery Ring is one of the simple and enjoyable

ways in which you can get in touch with Nature, and

in turn, the magickal energy of the faery. The next section

further explores the ways in which you can work with

Nature to bring the energy of the faeries into your life in

order to do magick. Being magickal themselves, they bring a

potent power into your overall life patterns and your personal

goals, which define who and what you are and what

you like, dislike, dream about, value, do, and accomplish.


The Faery Magick Circle protects you from harmful

energies when doing magick. It acts as a vortex of light,

bridging the mortal and faery worlds. Each time you do

magick, you create the magick Circle. First, sprinkle water

from your cup clockwise all around the inside of the Faery

Ring to purify the area. Then hold your athame or wand

in your power hand with the point outward, face in the

direction North of your Faery Ring, and slowly spin in a

clockwise circle. As you do this imagine a blue-white light

shooting out of its tip. Trace a clockwise circle of light

with your athame over the Faery Ring you have created.

You are basically drawing a double circle. Next, face the

altar, and say:

“I consecrate this Circle of power

To the generous and helpful faeries

Of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

May they bless this circle with their presence.

So be it! Blessed be!”


After you set the faery guardians in place, cut an

energetic doorway from which you can enter and exit the

Circle without disrupting its magickal energy. Traditionally this

is done just below the Eastern most point of your Circle, but for

practical purposes you can also cut the doorway at the actual

doorway in the room. Use your athame to cut the doorway by

tracing a doorway with it. Each time you exit and re-enter your

Circle, open and close the doorway with a sweeping motion of

your athame.

Faery Tree Talisman


There are many ways to protect yourself from harmful

energies and malevolent faeries. For example, you can use

sacred symbols such as runes, the pentacle, or the cross, ring

bells, whistle, clap your hands, giggle, or laugh. Or you can

carry a piece of dry bread in your pocket, hang a stone with a

natural hole in it by your front door, leap across southwardly

running water, turn your clothes inside out, wear a daisy chain,

or carry a four-leaf clover. Trees with red berries, particularly

rowan, madrone, and mountain ash, are also used for protection.

This faery tree talisman uses the Natural power of a tree

to bring more love, good health, protection, and abundance to

your home and hearth. Make this talisman at dusk during a

waxing moon cycle, preferably on one of the eight Sabbats.

A nearby tree (you can use living tree in a pot).

A bowl filled with six handfuls of sweet basil.

Honeysuckle oil.


  1. Select a tree right outside your front door. A yew tree

works best. (Note: You can also use a living potted tree.)

Commune with the tree dryad by placing both your palms on

the tree trunk. Ask the tree if it will help you protect your

home from malevolent energies. If you sense a positive response,

continue. If not, find another tree to work with.


  1. Draw a Faery Ring around the tree. Sprinkle the ring

with sweet basil. Then draw your Faery Magick Circle and

call in the faery guardians.


  1. Now anoint yourself with the honeysuckle oil. Trace

the Algiz ( ) rune (pronounced All-geese) on the tree trunk

three times with the oil in the form of a bindrune; one

upright, one downward, and one upright again. Algiz is the

rune of defense and protection against invaders, a rune of

sanctuary, refuge, and divinity. Each time you trace the

rune with the scented oil, say:

“Algiz, Algiz, Algiz

Algiz, Algiz, Algiz

Algiz, Algiz, Algiz,

Blessed be!”


  1. Now, place both of your hands on the tree, and imagine

the protective energies of the Algiz rune entering the tree.

Imagine actually planting the protective runic symbol into

the tree. Do this by visualizing a laser beam of rune-shaped

light moving from your forehead or your hands into the

talisman. Direct your awareness into the tree, and imagine

your thought-energy and field of magickal intention being

absorbed by the atomic structure of the tree itself. Then

address the tree, and galdr Algiz to the tree spirit. Sing:

“Algiz, Algiz, Algiz

Z z z z z z z z z z

Uz az iz ez oz

Oz ez iz az uz

Z z z z z z z z z z

M m m m m m m m m m.”


  1. Walk around the tree clockwise nine times. As you do, in

your mind’s eye imagine a rainbow of colored light radiating

from the tree and forming a protective field that extends to the

front door of your home. When you are done walking around

the tree, place your hands on its trunk once again, and say:

“Blessed be this divine tree.

Please protect my home and stand strong,

Please bless my home and stand long,

By the dryad of the tree, blessed be!”

Now the tree talisman can be used to tap into the

protective runic stream of Algiz energy infused into it.


  1. When you are done, clap your hands together three

times. Thank the tree spirit, bid farewell to the guardians,

and pull up Circle. On each full moon and Sabbat, place

your hands on the tree talisman, and reaffirm its protective

energy by saying,

“Blessed be this divine tree.

Please protect my home and stand strong,

Please bless my home and stand long,

By the dryad of the tree, blessed be!”


Once you have bidden farewell to the faery guardians,

it is time to pull up the magick Circle and Faery Ring. Do

so by holding your athame or wand in your power hand,

face North, and slowly turn in a counterclockwise circle. As

you do this, imagine the blue-white light of the Circle being

drawn back up into your athame or wand. Then scatter the

flowers in the ring to and fro, and erase the mark of the

ring with your shoe, foot, or besom. Do this in a counterclockwise

motion. Lastly, ring the bell once, and say:

“The Circle is open, but ever unbroken.

May peace and love fill our hearts.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!

Blessed be!”

Now clap your hands three times. It is done.


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