Spring Equinox – Luciferian


March 21st

The Spring Equinox is the dawning of light and birth, of renewal and energy. Spring is

the time of PAN and of the Morning Star (9). All beasts and men/women walk the earth

in awakened senses, especially those of a magickal path. This is a rite of exploring the

parallel path ways, similar to the spheres of shadow conscious or the tunnels of Night.

Balance is defined in this season and both light and shadow, black and white… all of

which becomes itself in reverse. The sorcerer should approach this rite as a dawning of

their senses, of which wit and thought will prevail in the well balanced individual. The

Will itself is tested in this aspect. Pan is represented and hidden as Pan, the child of

Samael and Lilith. Pan/Cain takes many forms, in the Spring he is the Wild Beast who is

Hunter, horned and decorated in the colors of the earthen flesh.


A reverse traditional sun wheel should be hung above the altar, representing the light

which breaks through the night itself in turn to return to darkness. This symbol is eternal,

never breaking from this cycle of destruction and creation. The essence of spring lies in

the ideal of birth and new breath, in which all new things emerge from the earth. The

traditional Athame and such should be present.

It is advised to approach this rite with extreme care and practice individual control, PAN

awaits your PANIC, your LUST and awakening. May PAN be as your brother, your

guide, not your doom. Those who allow one particular imbalanced side to manifest will

be victim of such a self-created destruction cycle. The circle should be drawn and the

proper invocations performed, intent should be pure and of great strength in each

individual performing. The Morning Star is being invoked for the sense of Luciferian

Light and beauty, to dispel that which is of ill intent. To understand the essence of the

Morning Star, one must break down the perverse myth created by the writers of the Bible

for its devil created of such a Light Symbol.

“To the East, O Morning Star of wisdom and light!

Unto Lilith of Night Black, I invoke the power of shadow and

light of which all that passes from each fountain shall know the

balance of life, Come forth, the wheel spins and many are born,

death is null and life is ecstasy. Let thy star guide us in passion

and focus, let that which should harm be cast away! So mote it


Such recitals of “Hymn to Pan” by Aleister Crowley is suggested, the beauty and power

associated with this invocation/poem is legendary.

An associated Coven Maleficia /Coven Nachttoter chant is as following:

“PAN, IO PAN! God of forest and God of Life, Shadowy and

Bestial, Flesh in Fire, Flesh in Earth, To the field and forest! Cast

thy ecstasy into our presence, dwell within our veins and heart,

spirit and flesh! Let us know your beauty!! PAN, IO PAN!!!”

Each member should be rapidly excited by dancing at their own individual frantic pace,

until images of the Morning Star (of which I recommend Paintings of Lucifer by German

architect Fidus ) and Pan (10) (see Rosaleen Norton) dance freely in the spirit, a raging

fire in the heart and the Sun Wheel burns a golden red. The rite should end with the

Witches’ Sabbath and then a banishing. Then each and every member should try and

retire to sleep at the same time to attend a group Sabbath.

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