Samhain – Luciferian


October 31st

Of the dead who dance a leaf blown dance towards the fires;

Of the spectral hands which caress the sleep autumn;

We come of graves yet unknown of sight and filled in tunnels

Of crimson, as the torch which leads our very essence –

One behind and one ahead both moving forwards and backwards;

At the same time of names ye already know…

Never to remind as she dances upon a lovelorn tomb.


Just as May Eve is the light bringing birth of summer, so comes the shadow side and

reverse, being the coming of the dead in the Night of Pan. Samhain is the most significant

to our sorcery, being a portal in nature to the shadows cast by the great torch of Hecate

and Lilith. It is when we shed our skin to the skies of twilight, and rise to flight among

those of Black Eagle (12). This is the time of the shadow current of witchcraft in which

we exist by our own Ids and desires, by our will and strength alone. This is the birth

(November 1st) of the Celtic winter, when the dead walk between the paths of twilight

and dawn. From our day side to what shall be our night side: this is the night when the

dead come to dance! When vampiric flesh and atavistic ecstasies are known to those of

our blood. Many shall paint upon their flesh the sigil of Varcolaci, of drinking from the

moon. The ‘Feile na Marbh’ (translated ‘Feasts of the Dead’) is upon us, take more of

your fill of desire!




As it is a feast of the dead, you of the blood surely know your role! To be clothed in

cerements of the grave and of the most beautiful colors, being black and crimson, purple

and white! The cauldron should be prepared with all herbs and potions in which you are

able and knowledgeable. Drops of your blood should be added as a gift to the dead. The

night of vampiric rising and shape shifting has highest priority, revel and bask in the great

glory that your very blood is of Hecate!


A bonfire should feature if outdoors in seclusion, a blaze to mirror the great Sabbath feast

of the spirit.


The rite should open with the Witches Rune and then intone:


“Samhain, great god of the dead to which the veil is lifted:

We call those of our blood, with our many desires, to walk!

Azazel, from the hidden forests of thy Seraphim walk,

To live within every grave, from which we too are come;

and stalk with us the skies by night!

This is our passion of shadows and of night,

So our eyes burn as does Thy Great Fire,

Thou that Revealest, Thou that Becometh!”


Celebrate with such a fury and rising ecstasy as is not seen of men. This shall be your

will and wish.


Embrace your lover and friends as one; to them and to you are given joy! Behold, the

hooves of the goat are behind thee and ahead of thee, knowing the step you are taking.

There is a key here, learn of it what is in your very heart! Mask yourself in the paint of

the dead or of the spirit you are! Abandon yourselves to the freedom of the flying flesh!

If indoors, let billows of incense smoke fill the chamber; then with invocations and

evocations, callings and banishings learn from the dead what ye will.


Contact via Ouji boards as trivial as it may sound can be of use, as are room recorders to

capture any messages from the dead. Upon the closing of the great celebration, banish

and retire to sleep and to dream. Shed your skin as the Serpent of the forest and fly upon

broom or animal… take to the skies and feast of the funereal dead! They are your

beginnings and the infinite possibility.

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