Rite to Baalberith & Eurynomous

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October 31

This rite shall be done on the evening of October the 31st between the hours of 8pm and 2am November 1st. The person conducting the rite shall not eat or smoke or engage in sexual intercourse 12 hours minimum prior to the commencement of the rite.

Preparation – you need:

  • red or black light for the ritual chamber (atmospheric)
  • chalices
  • bowls or incense burners
  • charcoal
  • black candles for the altar and all four elemental points
  • sword for evocation
  • Oleum of Baalberith or Eurynomous or both
  • Oleum of Lucifuge Rofocale
  • controlling oil
  • 2×2 pieces of parchment
  • melted black wax
  • cup ground sage
  • cup ground mullein
  • ground mandrake root
  • urine
  • blood

To Make Black Paper Squares for Rite Requests and Prayers

Take 2×2 pieces of paper and soak in controlling oil for 10 minutes. Put paper on a cookie sheet, heat oven to low bake, bake for five minutes, let cool. place one at a time in melted black wax using a tweezer until fully covered. On one side of each place the sigil of Eurynomous or Baalberith. Store in a dark, dry box.

Oleum of Lucifuge Rofocale

1 cup olive juice – black

1 tsp olive oil (optional)

1/2 cup alcohol

a pinch of ground mandrake

a pinch of ground mullein

Controlling Oil –

Calamus root steeped in light vegetable oil.





1 tsp of Lucifuge Rofocale Oleum

This rite is particularly useful for cursing and banishing negativity. This is the prelude to the Rite of Belial which is the “New Beginning.”

Use all black candles for elemental points. You may use a personal “power” candle of any color you choose on your altar if you choose. Place a chalice of sea salt mixed with water at each point (or water directly from the ocean). You may choose to have two chalices on the altar. One for the libation to Leviathan and one for the ceremonial drink/offering to the death demons. You should also place bowls of dirt on top of which charcoal should be placed for the ritual incense – at each of the elemental points and one on the altar for burning requests. Your altar should face either your elemental point or the North-West point of your circle.

***IMPORTANT NOTE – as you mix the salt and water with the dagger you must say the following for each chalice you mix – “Talot pasa oida Belial et Leviathan”

Invite the elemental demons as you normally would by employing their enns. Invite Satan from the center using the following enn: “Ave Satanis! Tasa reme laris Satan.”

From the Northmost point you will invite both Baalberith and Eurynomous.

To invite Balberith employ the enn – “Avage secore on ca Baalberith.”

To invite Eurynomous employ the enn – ” Ayar secore on ca Eurynomous.”

Then recite the prayer (or use one of your own if you prefer) –

“Into this circle I welcome death. Of Baalberith and Eurynomous come forth and be present. For this ritual is in your honor. This night you reign supreme. I pray you to assist me in my workings and to bless this rite.”

Now is the time for either silent prayer or to make requests. On the black paper squares you write your request, one letter over another, focusing your energy on the square. Hold the square over the flame before burning and recite the appropriate verse depending on intention. For group Rites – each person writes and burns her own requests.

CURSING – “Blanae core sanada. Recta sabra naca Flereous.”

DISPELLING NEGATIVITY – “Poco tasa helna rabac tasa. Recta sabra naca Flereous.”

Burn all requests. The rite is then closed in the usual manner. The ashes of the requests and remaining wax is buried (within 24 hours) in the ground. As you are burying the remains of the ritual you must say: “Padar ast fo ehaoth pedar ganabel Berith.”

Some people prefer to bury the requests in a graveyard. This is very symbolic not only from the cursing or death aspect, but also from the new beginnings aspect.



It is doubtful most Demonolators will ever need this ritual. Sometimes, however, we bring something nasty upon our ritual space that just won’t go away on its own. If you find yourself doing this often – seek out a priest or priestess to find out what it is you are doing wrong during your ritual workings.

Make sure you have a large incense bowl if this is a large area. Burn Garlic (whole cloves) and Frankincense.

Call on the elemental demons using the demonic enns. – Use the sword to conjure by drawing a D with a Z through it as you recite the enns.

North – Lirach tasa vefa wehlc Belial

East – Renich tasa uberace biasa icar Lucifer

South – Ganic tasa fubin Flereous

West – Jedan tasa hoet naca Leviathan

Mix water and pure solar sea salt in a chalice. Use a dagger to disperse the water across the area while saying:

“Malevolent spirits leave this place. In the names of Belial, Lucifer, Flereous, and Leviathan – I command thee … retreat from whence you came.”

Pour the remainder of the water/salt into the center of the area.

Continue with a protection rite of your choice or any other positive ritual working. To dismiss the demons hold the sword before you, kneel on the right knee and say at each elemental point

North – We thank thee Belial. Go in peace.

East – We thank thee Lucifer. Go in peace.

South – We thank thee Flereous. Go in peace.

West – We thank thee Leviathan. Go in peace.

This should close whatever malevolent force is at work in this place.

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