Midsummer -Luciferian


JUNE 22nd

This is a calling and celebration of the warmth of the sun, an invocation of passion and

life giving pleasure. Lugh, the Celtic Light Bringer is of radiant color, his image is

painted in the mind during this period. The magickal weapon of this particular Sabbat is

the Lamp. 26 is the number of the Witches’ Sabbat as well as Satyrs and Fauns, Panic

Demons (11) the children of PAN. It is said that Pan is present at each Sabbat, just as the

sigil of desire which is the Goat Headed figure or Black One is. A circle should be drawn

by the members of the temple of group, who frequently take a collective name significant

in relation to these gods and other entities. The ritual of Dawn is suggested, however the

actual Sabbat text should be focused upon during the evening hours shortly before


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