Lughnasadh – Luciferian


July 31st

Lugh is a Celtic god of Light and Fire, connected to, by the essence of the form, to


It is rumored that the name Lugh is derived from the Latin word LUX, meaning ‘light’.

Such a Sabbat is a celebration of not only the hidden light (ie. Morning Star and wisdom)

but the Moon as well. Lughnasadh has its roots primarily within the Celtic culture which

later surfaced and transferred into what is now known as the Independent Witches Sabbat

Witchcraft and Wicca. The essence of this Sabbat is the brightness of the sun and the

beauty of nature in its living aspect.

Lucet/Lucifer is Azazel the Fire Djinn, he who is brought unto earth wearing the Emerald


Lugh is represented as the leader of Tuatha De Danann which translates “People of the

Goddess Dana”. The people of Ireland record a great battle in their ancient texts between

Lugh and Tuatha De Danann against the Fomors and their leader, Balor. Lugh and his

people were victorious, thus banishing the Fomors further within the shadows in which

they dwelt. Approach the festival of Lughnasadh as though you were drawing down the

moon of Hecate, breed the thoughts and desires which shall come to pass. A willow

which drapes towards the earth will inherently guide you until a new sight is gained from

the shadows of your shape. You will undergo, as did Lugh, death and rebirth, therefore be

robed in white at first, then black. A reversal is essential for the understanding that all

things have two natures inherently. All actions and symbols must be trespassed to gain

the insight of mind-flight (the dream).

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