Imbolg – Luciferian


February 2nd.

This festival is of fire. The powers of fire reside in creation and destruction, the flames

either caress or break down. If at all possible, this rite should be conducted outdoors,

providing room for an ample fire. If not, a well decorated chamber adorned with the

images of fire and sleep.

Imbolg is represented as the first stirring of Spring within the womb of the Earth. This

rite is a celebration of the coming of light, therefore of great inspiration leading in reverse

towards the moon. A sigil of astral rising should be consecrated by the sorcerer or witch,

and then laid upon the altar for each coven member to focus upon. The sigil should be

absorbed in the mind, becoming all things of which there is a creative spark or flame.

Imbolg is the fire festival of Lilith – Babalon in her Luciferic Solar Essence, it is the

emergence from the dark of Winter – the very first signs of the coming of Spring and Her

King, Lucifer. Around the time of Imbolg one may summon forth the essence of Lucifera

– Lilith as the Goddess which bears the fruit of the earth, Cain.

Implements which provide useful visualizations are the Athame (each witch within the

rite should possess one), sword, incense burner, consecration fluid (a bottle of the

sorcerers’ blood, not ANIMAL blood mind you, specifically the life fluid of your very

own self.) All Sabbat rites should be opened with the Witches’ Sabbat text, adapted from

AO Spare’s ritual (8), proving most effective for those of burgeoning inspiration.

The particular version of the Witches’ Rune pertaining to Coven Nachttoter is as follows:

Such words I advise be altered to suit the individual working such rites.


Witches Rune

“Bagabi lacha bachabe lamac cahi achababe

To that which is, unto that which was…

A burning cycle is upon us, fear shan’t ascend in its ugliness,

failure is null, nothing is true.

Cast my earth and rise unto the shadow

Shining moon and velvet night I raise the witches’ blade and give

thee life

Come unto us this dark night!

South, East, West and North thy spirit come forth in joy

A fire from the spinning sun wheel, Birth is through blood”


Sabbath Rite

“Mother of shadows, Crone of wisdom, Oh Goddess of the blood moon,

Reversed matter, I evoke thee unto this celebration.

Blessings to those of blissful ecstasy which all derives from


Ascend from the depths of Night, to join your great sister of


Lilith, she who haunts the dreams of Man, be present in our

leitmotif of desire.


“I conjure thee, circle of power unto which the wind carries our


Asmodeus, behold an ascending light burning gold transcending

all points of time, we are becoming as the one called Morning

Star of the east, blinding light of birth!

Io Horned God of Wisdom!”

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