Basic Rite To Leviathan


September 21

April 30th (sometimes), but April 30th is usually for Initiations

The Altar must face the West most point of the ritual chamber. A candle is set at each elemental point. The elemental demons are invoked by use of the enns with the dagger. Belial first and working clockwise leaving Leviathan for last. An incense of Calamus and Frankincense invokes atmosphere.

Light the candles from Belial to Leviathan. Then – Carrying a Chalice of water (with sea salt) in one hand and a dagger in the other (doesn’t matter which) approach each point and kneel reciting the enn for Leviathan and dip the dagger into the water and sprinkle it above each candle. Finally, invite the fifth element from the center of the ritual space.

Kneel at the altar in prayer: “We pray thee Leviathan, bestow upon us the strength of your design. Let the serpent wise deal death to the lies of our enemies. Allow our empathy to be our protection. Allow our anger to be swift with justice. Be present that our enemies will not conquer us. We are as the swift flowing tide ebbing to and fro. We humbly pay homage to thee in our offer of sea salt and water that you may know our respect for your vast strength. We offer requests of healing and emotional balance that we may employ your creation to do so. Hail Leviathan. Lord and Master of Water.”

Then comes the typical ritual body in which requests of healing and emotional balance are burned within the altar or primary ritual space fire. (i.e. a bowl, incense burner, or bonfire.) Use the remaining water to put out the fire once the requests have been burnt. The ashes must be crushed to a fine powder and later dispersed in running water (i.e. ocean, stream). Some sects choose to sing hymns and go into longer durations of prayer before the ritual closing.

The ritual is closed as thus: “Hail Leviathan. Lord and Master of Water. We thank thee for being present at our ritual. We bid you, go in peace.”

Close the ritual as normal. If practicing solitary – change all “we” to “I” Also – the prayer can be done with a single candle if you lack the space, time, or supplies to do a drawn out ritual.

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