Autumn Equinox – Luciferian


September 21st

As the two equinoxes are known for the balance and equilibrium of both black and white,

so is the birthing of your inner strengths and insight, which develop with every Equinox

that passes. In the old times, when the tradition flourished from tongue to mind, so did

the growing psychic strength of the witch. This is still the case, with slight differences

due to the modern view point and increase of information. The energies available are

balanced positive and negative, thus eminently suited for growth. The renewed tradition

now opens doors to the mind unknown for thousands of years. We are relinked with the

sorcerers of Babylon and Egypt, who passed on the cups of witch blood to those

psychically connected or of lineal descent. Rites on the Equinox should be employed to

benefit the coven or individual witch, so that balance is achieved. These goals have

plentiful magickal energy to employ, will and Athame – the cause of change and passion!

Approach the Equinox with the Witches Rune and, according to your atavistic desires and

Ancient gnosis of memories, explore and rejoice! This rite sees a change of emphasis

from the Life giving Sun to the height of the Moon in it’s death aspect. All things return

to black just as black gives birth to light. Give farewell to the Sun and welcome forth the

Moon which rises as the twilight approaches. The dead rise as the leaves fall, making

way for the funeral fires of Samhain!

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